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Carrying your tri kit


I used a box all last season (5 races) and concluded that it was horrible! Too much balancing on top of bike and no-where for the wetsuit to go. For this season I'm looking for a bag - I believe both Saucony and TYR make a tri-specific bag, with separate compartments for wetsuit, helmet etc.

Do post up if you find something - my issue at the moment is cost.....



  • Ok so there I was at the London Tri and I am stuggling to carry all my kit, my helmet and steer my bike through the endless amount of people at the Excel centre without dropping it all and looking a plank ! Whats the best thing that can be used to carry all of your kit in thats quite easy to carry and not too too large ??

    I had been using a hard plastic box but it was akward over any large distance ?? Any ideas ????


  • starcherstarcher Posts: 126

    I ve a fold up plastic box that I bought from the mister pound shop which when folded fits nice into one of those big blue Ikea bags with all the other stuff track pump wetsuit etc i put my helmet on my head to stop it getting bashed around too much.

    once at Transition unfold box get it ready for race and put the big ikea bag on top of box ready for soggy wetsuit. Job done.

    hope thats a help.


  • Mat,

    That's smart thinking - and so much cheaper than a tri-bag....think I'll give that a go, thanks!


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Transition boxes are officialy required in Belgium, so you don't have a choice here.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I use a Zoggs bag, which is reminiscent of a small cricket bag, so elongated, which is big enough to get in everything I keep in my box, including a wet compartment for wetsuit, and a few little storage pockets for bits. Handles are good for over shoulders so you can ride to the start at races with the bag on your back. Its about as long as your back so just down to the saddle when you are riding. I reckon its great for races where a box is shlep.
  • I think I have it sussed, I went to a well known diy store and bought a large tool box on wheels, the wetsuit can go underneath, the dry stuff on the removal tray along with any other bits that need to be taken like gels spanners etc. Its also on wheels so you pull out the long handle and you can pull it along and push ur bike.... genius !
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Get a big duffle bag made from pertex or the like - no compartments just a draw-chord at the top and pile everything in including your collapsable box. Folded up it also doubles asa changing mat. You come across them all over the place, sail bags, tent bags, or even buy some suitable textile and have a seamstress run it up for you.

    Me being me bought a giant size NorthFace bag instead ... just so I could scoff t those with the homemade jobs...huh!!!!
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