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Smelly goggles after open water swim?

haha - and I thought Dorney was one of the nicer lakes I've swam in! It's a new one to me I'm afraid AB, maybe a bit of fairy liquid? But surely you won some new goggles as well??


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    surely a good excuse for a new posh and highly expensive shampoo .. my wife only has to see the sun come and she decides it an omen for new hair care .. this she could have a field day with ... oh to be able to swing a simialr line with tri gear

  • I thought Dorney was OK too, until that smell started to drift through the house! [:'(]

    Sadly no, googles weren't on the prize list and these are almost brand new Aquaspheres that I bought so I can swim with my contacts in (blind as a bat![:D])!!

    Oh and tried fairy liquid, and soda crystals!
  • Bit of an odd question but has anyone else found that goggles/swim hat stink after an open water swim? Mine are curently out in the garden, banned from the house since we tracked down the disgusting pong to them![&:]

    If anyones had the same problem how do you get rid of it!!!! HELP!!
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91
    issue the family with nose clips??
  • Nice to provide so much amusement[:D][:D]!! Assuming no one has had this problem?

    Sadly Mad I'm not that much of a girlie on the shampoos etc! In fact nickname used to be Bob!

    Mmm Nose clips - an idea but not sure the family will go for it; on the plus side the smell from the goggles may keep the neighbours cats out of the garden!
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Never encountered this one before so I cant think of anything that could help at the moment. However in future it may be useful to try and wash out the swim cap and the goggles as soon as your done? May help. The only other thing I can think of is to soak them in water. Either that or take them down to the pool as I can never seem to shift the smell of chlorine once I've swam [:)]
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