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Orca Pflex Full sleeves WETSUIT - £80

This wetsuit is in an absolute mint condition. I bought it in February and have only worn it twice (in one Olympic and one Half ironman race). I have accepted a new sponsor and no longer able to wear this wetsuit.

Orca’s Pflex description and size guide:

The P-Flex wetsuit is the perfect harmony between flexibility (polyester hollow fibre) and buoyancy (Nano silicone coating) which results in the fastest wetsuit available. In the construction of the world's fastest wetsuit, panel placement is crucial. Differing panels need to focus on different functions and the engineering of the P-Flex is focused precisely on this balance.

Re-developed in the Orca PFLEX™ Wetsuit are the inner and outer layers, breaking new ground in wetsuit technology.

OUTER LAYER NANO™ SCS Silicone Coating featuring tiny air bubbles beneath the silicone enabling unrivalled buoyancy.

INNER LAYER Polyester Fabric Backing repels more water than any other wetsuit, allowing supreme flexibility.

Size 6

Chest – 95-99cm (37 – 39”)

Height – 167 – 175cm (5’6” – 5’9”)

Weight – 67 – 74kg (147 – 162Ibs)

Please let me know if interested.


[[email protected]][email protected][/email]

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