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Human Race womens only Tri

Anyone out there done this event in the past? Any hints/tips would be greatly appreciated! Hoping to do the beginners distance, but extremeley nervous as this will be my first Tri.. Worried about getting stuck in wetsuit, not finding bike, and the list goes on... Starting to think I should stick with running marathons... Help


  • Hi! Can't help with any advice as I'm just entering the same one as a novice - same worries I think although impressed you've done marathons! I've not done anything since school!! Good luck!
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    read the other posts about the general topics

    many of them start in a similar way, they are all really nervous, then they all start to feel better when they are doing better in training, then they, believe it or not, start actually looking forward to race day, and after that they are just hooked!!!! i'm sure you'll go the same way, and if you can run marathons, you don't have much to worry about,

    a bit of baby oil around your wrists and ankles will stop you getting stuck in the wetsuit, don't use vaseline as it rots the neoprene,

    i bet you love it

    good luck

    fat matt
  • SparkiesSparkies Posts: 8
    Thank you for your time in reading my message and cheers for the baby oil tip! I'm going to start reading through the topics for more info..need as much advice as possible! AB look forward to seeing you there...[;)]
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    and don't forget the talc powder in shoes and trainers

    and buy 220 magazine. the last issue had a really good piece about transition practice, this is 'free time' a little practice and you the difference might be as much as 1-2 minutes between a bad one and one thats been practiced, thats an awful big effort to make up 2 mins on the run.

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