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orca 3.8 suit

mattymatty Posts: 37
Hi all, I have just purchased the orca 3.8 and i must say it is FANTASTIC!

Pretty expensive but worth every penny. The buoyancy in the torso and legs is just like swimming with a pull buoy.

Am soooooooooo happy with and feel better about doing my first open water tri at Blenheim.


  • You got a £325 wetsuit for your first open water swim??? I wish I could do that!
  • FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    I couldn't either! I just got an Orca Sonar 2007 from Swim Bike Run in Windsor

    Need to use it now :)

  • SuzyPSuzyP Posts: 5
    Hi Matty

    I've just got one also, planning to try it out Thursday. Great to hear such positive info [:)]

    Will let you know how I get on.
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    you will be soooooooooooooo happy!!!

    look forward to hearing from you [:)]
  • SuzyPSuzyP Posts: 5
    Hi Matty

    Sorry it's taken so long..... but I love it. I agree, you feel like you're swimming with a pull buoy and it's really flexible. When I first saw it, I said I'll never fit in that, but once on it felt fantastic. I used carrier bags to help get it on, which really helped and I'm really looking forward to swimming in it again tomorrow.

    Good luck with your racing
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    hey suzi, expensive but well worth it!!!!!

    You dont go swimming at Market Bosworth do you?
  • SuzyPSuzyP Posts: 5
    Yes, we do, do you swim there too?

    The water was much warmer today.....at last.
  • mattymatty Posts: 37
    Thought i saw somebody with 3.8 there last week!! small world.

    Yeah was cold last week![:@]

    Did blenheim on sat was cold in there. Will give you a nod on thurs if your there[:)]
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