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Just about to get back into the base training ready for next year after a few weeks off. I'm not a particularly serious triathlete in that I'm limited to about 6-8 hours a week training time but I am looking to make the most of that time. I plan to hit the next 4 months at <80% for everything I do in order to really get the aerobic system in good shape but I really enjoy a game of footy one night a week. My question is will this (both aerobic and anerobic activity) adversely effect my base training or should I just get a life and go out and simply enjoy some additional exercise?

By the way...I've found a great Joe Beer podcast on iTunes at jbst.com. Really interesting stuff and fairly well presented unlike some other podcasts.

Cheers all



  • Craig

    I would think that the footy is fine, it will keep your aerobic level high, and help with developing your anaerobic levels. Try to maximise your acceleration and keep running around, bear in mind though that there are more sports injuries from football than any other sport. If you MUST race Tri next year then play safe with the footy and avoid injuries. With 6 hours available to you, you can do well: 1 hours swimming squad session, 2-3 hours bike hard work no slacking, 2 runs 1 long 1 short & fast, 1 football session. Remember to fit in lots of stretching after the workouts, hams & gluts after bike; quads hams calves after runs; shoulders back after swim; quads & hams after footy.

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