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Tri-Suit or Wetsuit

Hi Mark = check out the website for each race the rules will stipulate wether you are required to wear a wetsuit or not. Most open water swim will insist you do. I know London does. I will be wearing one for all my open swims with a tri-suit on underneath as I imagine most will. Have a look at other posts on here and you will see many advantages to the less experienced wearing a wetsuit for the swim.



  • magestmagest Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I'm doing two aquathons and three sprint triathlons over the summer (London, Seaford and Crawley).

    I am wondering whether to get a wetsuit and wear my biking/running gear underneath, or to get a tri-suit that I can wear throughout the whole race.

    Are there any pros and cons? What are other people getting? One thing that could sway my decision is cost!! Tri -suits seem quite a lot cheaper and from what I can tell, less hassle in transition.

    Any words of wisdom most appreciated.


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