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Cycling shoes

ZoZo Posts: 5
Im going to purchase (at last) some proper cycling shoes, any recommendations?

My motives are simply to enhance the cyclist image....oh and ive heard they help performance as well. Is this mainly for hills? I read that Tim Don wore running trainers in Melbourne as it was flat therfore if it is a flat course (ie London????) would wearing trainers be better to save time at transition

Any thoughts?



  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Zo

    I have a pair of "pyro platforms" which have a solid base like the sole of a cycling shoe with cleats on the bottom but allow you to strap your feet in with your trainers on. They work brilliantly especially for flat and shorter cycle courses and give you a great bonus at transitions as they are already on your pedals and you need not do any footwear changes or indeed run through gritty transition areas in bare feet. They are an even bigger advantage in Duathlon ofcourse. They are not to everyone's liking though and the better cyclists out there will probably feel the cycling shoes give them the edge. However for those of us who are better runners they have a place in the right events.

    Its worth havibng a go with a borrowed pair if you can get your hands on some because they are quite expensive (£85) and you will want to be sure that you will use them.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Hi Zoe,

    I didn't know Tim Don wore trainers as well (At least one of the Kiwis wore them to). I think the reason was that because of the expected pack nature of the race (there was drafting aloud) the ride would be easier and lots of people would finish in the lead group meaning saved time in the second tranistion could make the difference in terms of victory..


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Zo,

    There's some useful info on another thread about difference between MTB and road bike shoes and using trainers

    see http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=1247

  • scotchioscotchio Posts: 19
    Try the Specialized TriVent, triathlon specific cycle shoe with one large velcro strap over the top. Quick on and off
  • Radiostar10Radiostar10 Posts: 15

    I've recently invested in a set of specialized "sport road" shoes with some spds. Brilliant combo! this combo gives you a little movement with the shoe so it takes the pressure off the knee compared to a ridgid set. My technique and speed has dramatically improved !! ( was using trainers and strapless toe clip !)

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