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Any ideas?

Hey there,

Im just enetring my final yr at uni, studying sports science and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for of what I could do for my dissertation. As a keen Triathlete and with access to the uni team I would like to do something Triathlon orientated, preferably something along the physiology, sports injury or psychology route. (Basically I dont have a clue)... so any burning questioning youve asked yourself during training and would like researched- for free- I would be grateful if you could throw them my way.



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    heres a good question people have in the world of sport.What would be the effects if someone had an adrenalyne rush and caffine rush at the same time,in phycalogical terms what effect would that have on frame of mind.the physical effects,and is it a very danguarus thing.I know the answer to this but ide just like to see what you would come up with
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    The effects of sodium phosphate on long distance athelets ( see my post a little further down that no one seems to know/care about!) In some studies it has shown a 8% increase in performance over the placebo group. Pretty impressive considering its legal, and EPO (the stuff cylists take and get banned for) gives around a 10% increase in time trial performance. Results on it are pretty few and far between, so could make for an intersting topic...
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    Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Zo,perhaps your study could look into why Triathletes are such bad spellers (see above posts or any other threads ).But no seriously Why do any athletes tend to lose spatial orientation when they start to race.I appreciate that one tends to focus on the task ahead but if you ever go to a triathlon race with a race briefing go and hang around the transition and watch the number of careless mistakes,it is they leave their brain behind and pick it up when they finish.General errors being failure to adhere by the rules,failing to fasten helmets,perhaps the most stupid one is being unable to follow a sign posted race route,and various other small errors but ones that can cost vital seconds.Hope this helps.
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Hi Zo,

    I've just finished a sport science degree so can sympathize what it's like trying to find a subject. If I was you I would look at some previous research on triathlon and see if you can develop a study that has already been done. It was always made clear to me not to expect to discover some ground breaking answers, there isn't the time or faciities for it usually. I saw a number of people take on large projects and suffer for it. Can't think of any good subjects myself, so good luck.

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    Yeah, I'd be in this one.

    Half way through the swim at London it suddenly remembered that I couldn't remembered what I'd done with my socks!! This despite having carefully packed everything on Saturday eve.

    I them remembered I had a spare spare which I duly put on in T1. However i was left with a nagging thought that my right bike shoe felt tighter than normal!! When I got back home on Sunday eve my socks were duly found rolled up in the toe of my shoe :-)

    Awesome day (my first Oly) can't wait for the next one

    Good luck with the dissertation (on a more serious note, something about nutritional strategies would be an idea)
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