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Eating on the bike leg

I'm doing the Vitruvian this weekend and would like to know what other people eat on the bike leg of a Half Iron.

I think I'm gonna need more than a load of gels, so I was thinking flapjacks and/or bananas.

Any other suggestions?



  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hey Scotchio, all I ate at Wimbleball was gels. I was pretty sick of them by the end, but they did the trick. I just couldn't face solids, I didn't think I'd be able to digest them. Ideally you should have been trying different types of nutrition pre-race. I'd stick to what you've been eating on long rides/runs/bricks. The race is not the time to be experimenting.
  • i will be having mainly gels with a few bars (each hour) am not big on eating on the bike but know if i want to maintian the speed I need the maintain the energy. As Rob says tho the race is not best time to try out new things. stick with what you know & importantly what your stomach will tolerate. however if you taking on lots of gels n bars ensure you also take on water.

    good luck with the Vit'

    madnurse (phil)
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    On long bike or run training stints i stick with gels and bananas, the only other thing i can eat on the move is those rice crispy bar things. I realy like those Banana powerbars but find them too much esp when on the bike.

    I allways carry to pack of anti-acids as i suffer badly when eating on the go. On a long one i take some Zantac 75 as i know im going to be in pain from the gels and solids.

    This is a real major factor for me as when i was starting to try food out i had to abort 5 or 6 legs due to very bad stomach acid.

    Ive digresses! But id be interested to know if anyone else suffers like this when eating during training/events?

    Good luck with the event Scotchio[:)]

    Cheers, Rich
  • All I take on the bike leg is some High 5 (4:1 ) energy drink mix in two bottles and a load of flapjacks wrapped in tin foil. I put the Flapjack in a strut storage bag for easy access. I don’t have any problems with stomach cramps or digestion, Best advice I can give is to go with what you think you will prefer, then use that food source during training. That way you will find out before race day if it gives you any bother – plus you will have mastered the knack of eating it on the roll.
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