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Any one done The Vitruvian?

Any tips, or general chat on this event.

Just did London in 2.39, what would be a respectable time for this one?

Will be my first Half Iron.

Cheers Guys



  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    It might be worth checkin last years results from the pace setters web site and see where your times might fall in to. fueling and pace might be your biggest problems. I hear the Rutland Ripple (bike section) can be hard on the legs.

    I plan to do this race in 2008 after next season on the Oly circuit.

    Good luck

  • kaka Posts: 1
    I haven't done this race before but I cycled the route today and it's a pretty fast course in my opinion. Depends how you define a hill - there a a couple but nothing too bad. Abnd the road surfaces are pretty decent which makes it a smooth ride. I believe the run is flat.

    Mind you, my first Half IM was in Exmoor - now that's hilly!!
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