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Why don't olympic elites have tri specific bikes?

Am I being dense? I watched the comonwealth games and just watched the London tri, and the elite races don't seem to ride tri specific bikes. They seem to ride road bikes with clip-ons. Is there a reason for this?


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    i can undertsand your bewilderment having switched to a tri specific bike and much prefer having seen difference it makes. although I can understand the use of either clip on pedals (or pyro's) as they save massive time in transition - the pyro's also give you a platform to pedal from as you would get from a cycle shoe. Am tempted to try them. As for the bike choice it comes down to the preference of the athlete and the course. I did salford the other week which had so many tight technical turns aero bars were almost useless - whereas London had lmuch longer straights which should imply use of the aero bars.

    hey but i am eeking at that last few minutes to make sub 2'30 never mind going elite so what would i know

    madnurse [:D]

    ps then again i beat tim don at salford (but only as he pulled out). I am catching you mr don
  • scotchioscotchio Posts: 19
    I was also under the impression that the geometry of a tri specific bike was designed to save your legs for the run, at a level where they are all looking to improve by fractions of seconds surely they would want to capitalise on every advantage.
  • I think one of the main reasons for bike choice is the difference between us and them! Elites get to draft we don't (supposedly) try drafting on a Tri specific bike where the only comfortable position is on the aerobars and see what i mean.

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