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650c or 700c? im confused

Hi I resently (couple of months ago) bought a Principia TSC in an auction but it has 650c wheels. This made it hard for me to get tyres so is there anything particularly good or bad about them?

many thanks, krazycal


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    650 wheels as you probably know are smaller than 700s ... this has 2 effects.

    1. they are typically(can be) a little lighter than their largers cousin and may suit somebody who is lacking in the strength department.

    2. they are smaller so each turn of the pedals results in less distance covered this for me would be a major draw back to them.

    I know that some people use them and they are probably a host of technical reasons why they'd be useful (of which I know nada about) but if you can (i.e. you bike frame will take them) I'd replace them with 700s as I think point losses for point 2 far out weighs any weight saving. (as an estimate 700s are about 1mph faster in each gear at 90rpm - take from http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gears/)

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