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Back aches

Does anyone know any sure-fire way of curing bach-aches on the long bikes ?

I did my first triathlon (London Olympic) last year and loved it (afterwards!). I've signed up for 3 this year and am well into my training. However the long bike-runs are killing my back.

Aside from the usual stretches and Pilates classes (I am enroled in already), does anyone else have any handy hints ??



  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    hi - sorry no cure for your back aches but a couple of other questions if that's ok

    I'm doing the same as you - my first tri ever is the london olympic distance one in August. Out of interest how fit were you before and what level did you train up to? What times did you aim for and did you achieve them?

    Any other tips would be great if that's ok
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi - the pilates will help massively in promoting core body strength vital to overcoming your predicament. I wonder if you have given any thought to ;

    weights - if you do any strength training with weights to look at core stabilty work with a ball in place of a bench (most gyms will have swiss balls these day). if you you dont it may be a consideration to add to your training. From that dorsal raise exercises (low level ie form floor) will also be of use.

    bike - is your bike setup for you ie is it a good fit .. might be worth taking it along to a good bike shop for a once over. Also if a road bike & you are using aero bars you maybe over reaching which could be a contributory factor to your back ache.

    rehab - it may be useful for you to think of some form of rehabiliatative stuff such as sports massage - this would prob best done via some form of health practitioner or sports injury clinic.

    lastly I assume you would but do ensure you get qualifed advice on specific exercise & therapy (I couldnt nor wouldnt attempt to offer anyhting other than general guidance to someone I hadnt seen or assessed). But dont just try and brave it through - your back is telling you something aint right

    hope that some help

  • Hi there Jo Jo,

    Yeah I would say I was reasonably fit when I did it.

    I trained for about 5 months. Have always been a swimmer so that was no problem I just swam once a week, around 2.5km at a time.

    Bike I would do about a 50km bike rides once a week (in the last 2 months anyway), and cycle to work and back 3 times a week (about 28km total per day).

    I run about an hour at a time (don't even measure the distance) once a week.

    As it is your first one I wouldn't get too bogged down in all the technical training that 220 gives. The advice is extremely good obviously but tends to be for experienced tri-folk. Just make sure you can do each discipline reasonably comfortably and perhaps combine them in the last month of traing ie transitions. After your first triathlon, then you can start to fine-tune it up.....Good luck
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Graham i would go with the nurse, get your bike set up checked out. Swimming should have given you a good core and unless you are carrying another undisclosed injury it's possible you are crunched up on the drops or over stetched. the suggested excercises are never a bad idea.

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