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Has anyone done the ToughGuy event ? I have entered it for July.

I just wanted tips off people as I am hearing different stories re the level of difficulty. I have no idea at what pace I should go at.

How far is the run overall ? (I normally run for about an hour as part of my training, is this enough?)

Is it one long run and all the abstacles at the end or evenly spread out etc etc.

I would appreciate any help



  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Never even heard of it, the name sounds a bit soft.
  • DermskiDermski Posts: 14
    Hey HardmanSurfer,

    I did the Winter toughguy in Jan, and it was Amazing! Really friendly and fun race!

    As for tips for toughguy here’s a few:

    Probably best to not hold back but don't push too hard either on the country miles at the start, its around a 6-8 miles cross country run. The reason for this being if you do you'll end up being stuck in lots of queue’s when it comes to the obstacles and once your wet and you stop moving you'll get cold, Very Cold.[&:] Also the course is a lot less muddy and easier the further forward in the field you are![;)]

    Clothing is going to be important too,

    A long sleeved base layer, maybe a HH top, leggings or if you're running in shorts wear long socks! Helps stop you getting rope burns [;)]

    A pair of gloves and a hat are a must too. I wore a swimming hat too to help keep my head warm, I was very glad of it after under water tunnel.

    Also don't run in road running shoes, get a pair of fell or trail shoes for this, or you'll just slip all over the place!

    And last but not least, enjoy it. Its a fantastic experience, I'm hoping to do the winter toughguy in 2008!

    All the best


  • Dermski,

    Thanks mate, a lot of useful advice there, I will take note of it.

    Also a couple more things if thats okay :

    Do you get water en-route, or carry your own. (I am doing the summer version end of July)

    and I've got to ask....what time did you do ?

  • DermskiDermski Posts: 14
    Yeah, they have a number of welcome water stops, think there was about 3 or 4 on the winter toughguy. They also hand out Jelly babies too, Well, actually pop them in you're mouth for you as your hands (and the rest of you) will generally be covered sh*t.

    Best get you tetanus jab if you haven't had it in a while, and don't leave till a few days before the race. The jab can leave your arm a bit sore and numb which won't do you many favours on the day.

    I finished the race in 1hr 56, and I loved every minute of it! Just to finish this race is the real achievement! [:)]


  • Dermski,

    Sorry, hope you don't mind me asking, what do you normally run 10km in ?

    I will stop hassling after this.

  • DermskiDermski Posts: 14
    Well, usually a pair of shoes, shorts and t-shirt! [:)]

    I was running a 10K in about 42-45 mins when I did the toughguy. I was really nervous before hand if I'd beable to get round, as soon as it starts the whole buzz of the event will sweep you along!

    You should have a look on Youtube for videos of the toughguy.


  • ianogbornianogborn Posts: 64
    Hello mate,

    I just read all the postings about this event; I did it this January and all I can say is no matter how fit you are, the event is mad!!!!!! If you send me ur address via e mail, I will gladly post of the dvd of the event to you so that you can have a look and see what its like. Imagine what Glastonbury is like now and then ask them all to run and jump over the cars, its brilliant fun, muddy, lots of mud and ice cold water, more mud, more mud, some burning hay bales , more mud, more water and lots of thin king why did I do this. My email is [email=iogi@btopenworld.com]iogi@btopenworld.com[/email].

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    Did the summer toughguy in 2004. Proper laugh![:D]

    Twice round the assult course for the summer event as its far easier conditions than the winter event.

    Great event and a fun day.

    As its a charity based event the high entrace fee is fair IMO.

    Regards, Rich
  • HansenHansen Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Just a quick note on the comments above.

    I did the winter ToughGuy 2007 in 1:32. It’s not that hard. The winter TG is obviously harder than the summer TG because of the cold. You really do loose your energy fast when the body temperature drops. I would say that it is more of a sprinting event than an endurance event. Nevertheless it really fun and sure you will remember it for a very long time;)

    If you want to finish in a good time, then sprint the first 4 miles, as it really start queuing very early on the course. Despite running in the top 100, I had to stop and wait a number of times.

    Good luck all & hope to see you at winter TG 2008



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