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Has anyone sen that feature on the ultra triathletes in this month's 220? What do you reckon; are mad and loony up for that next year?!?! 10 ironmans in 2 weeks - you'd have to be really mad to do that!!!


  • Trichamp,

    You have got to take your hat of these guys, but there must be potty!!!

    I thought the funniest thing was when one of the guys started having halluncinations and a couple of bears joined them in the run.

    A bizarre race for bizarre people maybe Madnurse should give it a go????

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    its not madness that drives these people but some higher power...what that higher power is I don't know...

    I am struggling with the trianing commitment for an oly let alone summat like this...

    fair play to them though...wouldn't fancy it myself but I reckon we could learn alot about recorry techniques from them

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I thought they were mad also.

    But lucky for them most are retired and have the time to do that.

    I bet we end up like that, trying to prove to ourselves, and others that just becuase we are getting old doesn't mean we are unfit.

    Must be an enourmous life moral boost to actually complete one though.

    Wonder how they would be in a sprint tri?

  • ianogbornianogborn Posts: 64
    I liked the bit about when they cut their blisters of and used duck tape and super glue; these blokes must be mad and the amount they had to do is complete madness,good luck to them.
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