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Fit for the forces?

Hi All,

Met someone from my Army days today, old boys stories and all that.

And tonight for a bit of fun i ran the old BFT (Basic fitness test) which had to be completed every 6 months as a basic level of fitness (Madnurse will remember this).

1 half miles jog to be completed in 15mins exactly then straight into a mile and half best effort (fast as you can!) which had to be done in 10.30! if it was slower than that extra PT.

my best time was 9.10 or so at about age 19 - did it tonight in 8.12 - flying!

Have a go and post your times for a bit of fun - flatish course - good for speedwork.




  • Don't forget we used to do it in "DMS Hi-Leg" boots!!! - assuming, of course they haven't changed things since my day!
  • hi John

    sorry it is all done in sports kit now!! - from about 1995? ish.

  • My days ended in '92... Sports kit for a BATTLE/Basic fitness test!!! I dunno - what's the world coming to! You'll be telling me next that the Battle Swimming Test in the Royal Marines is now done in swimming trunks, no webbing, no rifle and no combats... "Back in my day"... I used to hate people telling me how much tougher it was "back in their day" - looks like they were probably right! Although I did make the mistake of watcing "Bad lads Army Extreme" the other night - "para training 1950's style" - don't make me larf!!!
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