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Cycle computers - any users?

Hi Guys

Thinking about getting a cycle computer - wireless - just to maybe add a bit of interest to training - see how fast i am going would be nice etc.

Many people use them? Any benefits or are they a bit geeky? and a waste of time?

I use my heart rate monitor at the moment.




  • make sure you get a computer with cadence capability as keeping an optimum cadence in conjunction with your heart monitor will do you nothing but good.
  • yup in agreement with chase here....cadence is probably more important than actual speed...
  • I was thinking about getting the Cateye Astrale 8 which is wired, not wireless, but runs from the rear wheel, so you could use it with a turbo (if you don't go out when it's dark/wet/windy/cricket on tv/...) and it has a cadence function. Seems to be quite a popular setup and should cost about £30...

    No personal experience of it though.


  • I've got 2 cateye astrale 8s and they are brilliant and cheap.

    I understand people wanting wireless but they are about 3 to 4 times more expensive, and for what?

    I only ever have the cadence and time showing, never speed.


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