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  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi notnaturaltri

    I just about live on my tribars when I'm riding, including all sections of Wimbleball that aren't vertically uphill or manically downhill - but that's because I'm short on power so I need all the aerodynamic help I can get.

    Wimbleball isn't a course where you need tribars, but I think they're always a good investment, if only to rest your back on a longer ride.....
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I'd back what pat is saying here...there maybe 52hills going up in 56miles but its a loop so the bars will certainly help on the none uphill bits...

    Hi Pat - long time no chat...am off to exmoor in april to check out those hills will probably do a lap of the bike course...hope the training is going okay

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi loon

    When are you going in April? I'm hoping to be there 16/17/18 (& maybe 15th) April to try those hills again.

    How goes the training? I had abdominal surgery 5 weeks ago so I'm only just getting moving again - and it is very, very slow! Am trying not to panic - yet!

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Pat - will be the the weekend of the 20th/21st of april...

    Sorry to here about the surgery hope that you manage to catch up the training and aren't to badly affected...

    - Training is coming on nicely ... well swiming and running are ... I just need to get out on the bike more which I know is a must given the nature of the bike route

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    I shall be very interested to hear your views after your visit, loon!
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Does anyone have a good recommendation for somewhere to stay for the race?

    I'm coming down from Aberdeen and was going to book into a B&B or similar for a few dasy before and after the race.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I'll be very interested to here my views when I get back as well...

    cycling is currently a negelated part of training

  • cazzacazza Posts: 8
    Hi I am new to this forum but after reading all of this - is it worth considering doing it on a mountain bike?? I entered last year and am starting to feel the fear!!
  • NO NO NO NO!!!

    YOU Will be there until the following Wednesday
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Don't think mountain bikes are allowed - but very appealing .......

    Cazza, we stayed at a riding stables last year - quiet and very nice but not used to non-horse riders. This year we are camping. Probably a trawl on the internet is the best bet - good luck.
  • cazzacazza Posts: 8
    Oh thats a shame my mountain bike would be perfect.. I could even put slicks on!! Oh well I have bought a new chainset and am off to the peak district to try it out I think to change from 2 rings to 3 seems pretty impossible unless you buy all the new gear so hopefully that will do it.. !
  • Is Wimpleball not challenging enough without adding to it by trying to do it on a mountainbike![:@]

    I dont actually think that it is illegal to use a mountain bike, just mad.

    I remember passing all these poor folk on mountainbikes last year.

    100K on a mountainbike - I wouldnt wish that on anyone!
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    I love my mountain bike! But see http://www.half.ironmanuk.com/default.asp?PageID=2020 for the official line on them.

    Last year two guys supporting me on mountain bikes tried to ride across the bike route west to east and couldn't get from one side to the other in time. If the bike leg is hilly, the 'internal' roads within the loop are worse!

  • cazzacazza Posts: 8
    route west to east and couldn't get from one side to the other in time. If the bike leg is hilly, the 'internal' roads within the loop are worse!

    aaah ok you have convinced me! Need to get those gears changed though... this half iron man is getting a little too close for my likings!!!
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Have just been down to recce the route again .... almost wish I hadn't! My new bike is having to go back in to have a triple put on again - it's the only way I can get up those 2 (4) killer hills without completely ruining the legs.

    The road surface seemed much worse than last year too, much more broken up. Does anyone else agree?

    I'd also forgotten how steep that hill is on the run. Can't remember whether I wore trainers or trail shoes last year. What did anyone else do ... and what are you planning for this year??

    Loon, if you're going down this weekend let us know how you get on ...
  • Only two months to go.

    Anyone nervous yet?
  • YES! I'm shi**ing bricks! but hopefully going for a recce start of May and just keep reminding myself its only 1 day over and over and over again!!
  • Eight weeks tomorrow.

    Need to get out and go and do a 500mile bike ride followed by 300 miles run to catch up with my training diary!

    Hope everyones training is going well.

    Wobbly rider you really dont want to know what the route is like. It just depresses you. Although it does focus the mind somewhat by reminding youself just how difficult the bike ride is.[:@]

    Havent got time to sit here and chat got to get out and train!
  • cazzacazza Posts: 8
    I think I have decided that you are right I do not want to see the course before the day it is too late now what will be will be..!!!
  • donkeydonkey Posts: 4
    I have just been to Wimbleball and cycled the course (one lap and in/out from lake on one day and second lap on following day). I have been training for 10 months and had to delay a february recce of the course due to abdominal surgery (twice!) and am now distraught to discover just how horrific those hills are!! I have made the muscles above my knee incredibly painful over those two days and now know that the hills I have been training on were just tiny inclines in comparison to Wimbleball - and yes I did look at the map of the course and inclines in September.

    To discover at this late stage that I am going to be well outside of the bike cut off time, is absolutely gutting and I don't know how to make it better in a very short space of time. Any advice??? Thanks.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    donkey, how do you know you're going to be outside the cut off time, you haven't done the race yet!? How long did it take you to get round? If you've been training for ten months you must have a reasonable fitness base. I'm sure you can do it. What's your swimming like, & your running? I know the hills are steep & I know they are a shock to the system. What gearing do you have on your bike? The reality is that in two weeks you're not going to be able to improve your bike fitness a lot, you should ideally be starting to think about tapering. But you could try changing your gearing on the bike. Maybe put a compact on, or a triple if you're really that worried.

    Now would seem a good time to wish everybody doing the race the best of luck. I've been watching the thread with interest having done the race last year & everybody had the same concerns about the hills. It's not all up hill, & once you've got to the end of the second lap & you're going back down the hill to the lake - enjoy the ride! And remember - SMILE!
  • rollorollo Posts: 25

    This was from last year ........ gulp only 18 days to go ??????

  • donkeydonkey Posts: 4
    Thanks Rob [:)] - there is no way I am giving up and have now got clips and shoes instead of pedals and trainers! Now I can stand up on the bike - during all my training I have sat down on the bike... During my first ride out on them yesterday I fell off when going up a hill which was 11% as I forgot I had them!!!! Without the shoes and clips when I rode the course it took me 5 hours.

    (My cyclist/ironman husband has been trying to get me to change to clips since I started training - he too thought I could maybe have another gear to play with now we have seen the course.)

    My swim is a breast stroke, head out of water, which will take close on the hour - but even though I have never swum in open water, or even done a triathlon, I know that on race day I will probably have a bit extra to work with.

    My running isn't too bad, but will still take around 2.5 hours after the swim and run.

    Good luck to everyone taking part, I will be the one chuffing along happily near (or at) the back. I am still really looking forward to the event and hope that on the day of the event I will succeed in crossing the finishing line - that is my only goal - this time!

    Have fun!!![:)]
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Donkey, don't worry - I'll be at the back too. My theory is that those of us at the back are doing all the others at the front a favour by making them look better!

    I'm just back from a route recce too. And I fell off on the hill after Morbath - more accurately, I stopped on the hill, then fell off twice trying to get back on - lovely bruises to show for it. Very embarrassing!!

    I'm also going to be chasing the bike cut-off time, so you won't be on your own.

    Rollo - thanks for the photo - I really didn't need reminding of the first hill of the day!
  • donkeydonkey Posts: 4
    Pacrfish, you and me both - and you having abdo surgery too! What a pair! At least you have a lot of experience.

    Good luck with the final 2 weeks - I am off for a ride soon, must remember I am wearing clip ons!

  • rollorollo Posts: 25
    Yes that first inline out of the lake up to transition...... and that first cycle climb after about 2 mins and those hills ...... oh and that hill on the run...... yikes. No sure why I'm back for more. Despite the hills, my worry is still the swim ..... I wonder if anyone will notice me with snorkel and arm bands.

  • rollorollo Posts: 25
    Sorry me again ..... just read the Wimbleball thread from last year and I remember getting terrible cramp on one of those 14% hills. Does anyone have any remedies for combating cramp?

  • I know everyone is too busy training to discuss at the moment.

    How is everyone doing. I find it really difficult to tail off and not obsess about weight gain!

    Remember this is for fun![:@]

    Enjoyed a wee hill run this evening. The sun is splitting the skies up here hopefully it will head south for next weekend[:D]
  • rollorollo Posts: 25
    When is verybody heading down to Wimbleball? I'm driving down Friday morning, staying in a B&B Friday night and camping at the Wimbleball campsite Saturday.

    Crumbs only 7 days to go ....... yikes !!!!!!!

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Going down Thu. Rollo, I'm also at the campsite Thu/Fri and Sat - not that I'm expecting to sleep much Sat night.

    Oh errrr

    Why am I doing this?????
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