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Everything WIMBLEBALL the thread



  • donkeydonkey Posts: 4
    [:)] I Did it!!!!!!

    Someone has to be first to say this!

    As you may know, I am new to triathlon and this was my first event!!!

    I was the last person out of the water with only 12 seconds to spare - told you I was a breast stroker. They counted me out - which was more stressful than the swim!

    I was over the time limit by 20 mins on the bike so I had my chip removed, but I was determined to continue as I was chuffed with my bike ride (honestly it was a 30 min improvement on the course for me!).

    The run was okay but as I was nearly last overall, it was quite lonely on the 2nd two laps - 2 other ladies kept passing me and we knew we could keep going. Thanks to them both for exchanging smiles.

    It took me just on 9 hours, but I am so glad I persevered. I enjoyed the whole experience.

    I felt sorry for my family who had to wait to see if I survived the swim and then had to wait an additional 3 hours after my husband finished to see me cross the line. He passed me on the bike course at exactly the point he said he would - spooky.

    So, thanks to everyone who supported me on the bike - it was great to hear positive comments from the speedy ones.

    Huge congratulations and respect to all of you, whether you beat your p.b. or just had a great half-ironman like me.



  • NickNick Posts: 66
    congratulations to all who finished wimbleball. as a novice to tris hats off to you all.[:D]
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Well done all who finished the course. Donkey, fantastic effort, well done!

    Any more race reports?
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Well done donkey - that was ace. It was a really tough day.

    I'm slow at everything, but I had a good swim, an ok bike (although I nearly quit about 10 miles into it - I was already hurting so much and then the thought of the pain ahead ....) a reasonable first run lap, lousy second and survivable third lap. Didn't make any of my ambitions for the race (sub 7:30, running all the run) BUT I took 14 mins off last years time, came 3rd (ok, so there aren't many in my age group!!) and got a qualifying slot for Clearwater.

    Now I am really scared!!!

    Well done to all who finished

  • What a race!!! Those hills on the bike!! Those hills on the run!!!

    Its amazing they didnt seem as big or as steep as last year. That may be as a result of all the blood sweat and tears put into the training over the last 12 months. Or the fact that I got a really fast new bike this year. Whatever it was it worked. Managed to knock 45 mins off last years time and qualified for Florida! What a weekend! Just got home about a couple of hours ago and am about to cut off my tag on my wrist.

    Back to work with a thump and back to the base training again.

    Well done to everyone who completed it! Congratulations.
  • Donkey well done. I think I saw you as you went through the bike transition. You may not have heard but you were getting big cheers as you went through.

    Pacfish you started training for Floriday yet!?
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Just panicking - I'm going to have to work really hard not to be last in Florida....

    Have you seen the course? Flat as a pancake bike, and a run with 'substantial elevation changes' - apparently a suspension bridge .... no bridge can be as hard as that hill on the run at Wimbleball!

    Do you know anyone who went last year?

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Check out this link, it may bring good, or bad memories flooding back....


  • NickNick Posts: 66
    watched the florida 70.3 on telly. the time acheived by those guys, awe inspiring. can but dream

  • Seemingly the cycle is a pain as there is not a lot of room. It makes it impossible not to draft. My friend who was there last year said she could not really get into her bike run due to this. The run part also as flat as a pancake compared to Exmoor!

    Got really motivated - Back to base training tomorrow. Doesnt seem like just a week ago!

    Enjoy the training.
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