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Spinning classes?

Hi All

Hope the winter base training is coming along nicely and those long runs aren't hurting too much.

Anyway spinning classes what are they all about? Need to put in some time on the bike but obviously the weather has alot to say about that, so i thought i might give spinning a go.

What do you wear? Bikes? etc etc haven't got a clue so any help as always appreciated



  • Hi Ian,

    I do spinning classes 2-3 times per week during the evenings, usually 45 minutes in duration. Fantastic workout and great for the legs. They are stationary bikes and the class starts with warm-up with resistance on the bikes being increased gradually throughout the session. You usually ride in different positions, doing some standing hill work, 4up 4 down jumping and various exercises. It is not a substitute for actually being on the bike but a great alternative at this time of year.

    In the latest edition of 220 they gave it 8/10 for bike related training. Give it a go. You simply need your usual gym clothes and trainers.

    Hope this helps.

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