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Swimming course alternative

I've managed to get all my xmas gifts rolled into a cash bundle, for me to spend on some very needed swim instruction.

But the money will not stretch to the Total Immersion cost.

Can anybody recommend a course/workshop that is under 200 pounds, ideally not to far from Birmingham.



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    zoezoe Posts: 28
    You could try some one to one sessions, which would be cheaper than TI.

    I train at Birmingham University with Bex Milnes who is elite and an awesome swimmer. I don't think she has any formal qualifications, but she does years of swimming teaching and coaches one of the BRAT sessions, so definately knows what she's doing. I think she has underwater camera etc too!

    I can give you her contact number if you're interested...
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    Hi Zoe, that sounds like a good alternative. Her contact details would be v helpfull.

    I think e-mail address would be safer than posting her phone number.


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