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Road shoes and pedals

I've recently (finally) been able to swap my trusty MTB for a Road bike, and have changed over my simano MTB SPD shoes/pedals. But I want to get some road/tri shoes.

Does anybody have any recommendation on road shoe/pedal combinations. I've looked on the usual web pages and there seems to be hundreds of shoes around £50.

Are there any makes I should stay away from?



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Theres only a thew i would actualy go for.Shoes: Adidas,shimano,specialized.Pedals: Time,Shimano,Look.
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    I have Specialized shoes which I've been very happy with. My current pedals are Time, and they can be really difficult to clip onto (though I accept that this may be the fault of the cleats rather than the pedals). My last pedals were Look, and always clipped in immediately. I guess that this doesn't make much difference in a race as you generally only need to clip in once, but it is a real pain in the neck if your training runs take you through built up areas with traffic lights where you have to keep clipping in and out.

    Hope this helps - though bear in mind that this is just one person's experience and others may love Time pedals (or hate Look) etc.


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    i've had adidas and shimano shoes and shimano pedals . the best thing i can suggest for shoes is to try as many pairs as poss coz they don't all have the same fit (sidi shoes are to slim for my feet)
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    GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi There,

    I also use Specialized shoes, there great allthough mine are pure road shoes which doesnt make life easy. I have heard good thing about Lake shoes.

    Im currently using Time pedals and cleats but I would not reccomend them. Like Tiring Tri ing I have real trouble clipping in sometimes which really fustrates me, although once im in its happy days! My first pedals and cleats were look (the red ones) and I had no problem with them. (I do prefer the time pedals in a sick kind of way though)

    I say go down your LBS and see what they have for sale. Id also say buy quality otherwise youll be back in there a few months later upgrading and in the long run you will end up spending more £££.


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    I have Shimano shoes which are very comfortable and are fine for ridding without socks, they have two velcro straps (I only ever use the top one however) and are easy to put on in a hurry - the only thing they miss is a heal strap to allow me to pull them on while ridding (I clip my shoes to the pedals in transition - this works for some).

    As for pedals/cleats I have a pair of Look which are easy to use and I have never had a problem with, however as the cleats are plastic you will need to replace them quite frequently if you end up walking in the shoes (using the same 'foot down' foot). I am looking to upgrade these to some Keo Carbons over the next couple of weeks (wiggle have them on sale at the mo/cleats included).
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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I picked up some Lake shoes from JE James in their sale and they're great. 1 strap and pools on the tongue and heel for easy entry/ exit. Using them with Look pedals. No prblems at all.

    What I will say about the Lake shoes I've got though is that I have narrow feet, and they fit quite well. People with broader feet may struggle a little bit.
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