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Anybody have any advice or knowledge of ironbridge tri? I've done a couple of sprints last year and am doing stratford in a couple of weeks. Strangely I now think that I can do a full tri, but worry on the open water swim particularly with a current. I'm not the best swimmer and haven't done any open water swimming. Also the bike route mentions a couple of challenging hills any body know what that means?


  • the_moidthe_moid Posts: 23
    I am doing Ironbridge (sprint distance), which will be my 3rd race, and 2nd open water swim. No idea what to expect from the Severn.

    In terms of the bike ride, challenging is the correct word. Mother in law lives in Ironbridge, so know it quite well. Start of bike course is basically a steady incline for a way, then turns into a steeper incline. Next time i go over I will measure the distance and estiamte the incline, but it is for approx. 2-3 miles i would guess (though dont quote me) - will be a nasty start after the river swim.


  • thanks for the heads up, the_moid, I'm going to see how Stratford goes before I decide. I live on the Isle of Man so quite an expensive thing to do by time you've paid for ferries and hotels.

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