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Flat Batteries

Hello again, got an interesting question for you all and would really appreciate some help. I'm training for the UK 70.3 this year and am at the stage where I'm running 18km once a week, doing a couple of sprint sessions a week and cycling 40km once or twice a week.

Problem is my work has suddenly ramped up to the stage where I can no longer get a lunch hour so have to eat on the hoof and also to the stage where I'm now leaving work so drained that all I want to do is slob in front of the telly or just go to bed! This is really unlike me as I normally look forward to getting back from work so I can get on the turbo or go for a run.

Now its getting lighter I'm hoping to get a short 30min run in before I head into work but unfortunately that isn't going to cut it. Any ideas on what I can take to give me a bit more boost in the evening?

EDITED TO SAY: I am (un)fortunate enough to live only 2mins cycle from work so I can't get any phys in from running/cycling to work



  • Hi Wokka

    i was in a similar position to you back in Sept, entered for the 70.3 and had a nice job which meant i could train comfortably twice a day.

    I left to start my own business and thought that was the end of my training completely. For a little while i only managed to fit in the odd session absolutely nothing like i was doing. But now things have settled i put in fewer, but the emphasis is on quality sessions. I just really enjoy them.

    I have raced all winter at the weekends, 1ok's and a couple of half maras used as motivation and training runs, and pb's nearly every race!

    So it proves nothing suffered for me with fewer training sessions per week.

    Let your body get used to the extra demands at work and fit the training in around it, you soon get used to it.

    I wouldn't take anything, as long as you are eating a healthy balanced diet you will be fine.

    See you at Wimbleball!! Good luck -


    You might know, as no one has answered my post - would a 13 - 28 cassette opposed to a 13-26 make much difference when climbing? (Yes this is looking at those hills on Exmoor.)
  • thanks for your advice Ian, in answer to your question afraid I cant help you with your gears, not too much of a techie boy.

    Have a good race in June, I'll be hot on your heels!
  • Hi Wokka and Ian

    I am in exactly the same position as Wokka as my restaurant has just gotten a lot busier my working week has jumped from 60 hours a week to 95/100hours. At least before I would manage 20 - 25 hours training a week now I am lucky to fit in 5 - 10.

    Ian, when you say quality sessions where would I be able to find sessions like this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS. I also find i am a little ratty as I haven't been able to get any excercise in. (the wife does not like this one little bit)


    An over worked, under trained, ratty Algarni
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi all

    Have also entered for 70.3 again this year (mad fool) and was getting very frustrated at my inability to fit in training sessions longer than 45 mins (work, kids etc).

    If it helps, in January I was doing 2 runs (1 'long' outside - about 8 miles, 1 45 minute speed session on the treadmill), 2 bikes (1 hour on the road, 45 minute spinning session on the turbo) and a swim (about 45 mins, mainly drills and technique) a week. On a really good week I'd manage a 45 min bricks session as well. Although they weren't long sessions they were 'quality'.

    However I had to have abdominal surgery a week ago so training has gone back to zero for the time being. Not good, but life comes before tri .... I think!!

    Relax - it will all come together ...

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Parky, when I did Wimbleball last year I swapped my rear cassette from a 25 to a 26. It made a SLIGHT difference to my hill climbing ability (a lot of it was physchological). A 28 will be more noticeable & is probably worthwhile changing to for the race. Ride a steep hill on your 26, swap them over & then ride the same hill on the 28. I think you'll be surprised how much difference those two extra teeth make.

    Cheers, Rob
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