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Printing on trisuits

Does anyone know contact details of a printer who put our team logo on trisuits?


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    www.bladeprintingservices.co.uk is run by a btf director,howard vine.he recently printed my trisuit for hamburg,i was very pleased with result and price.he speciallises in lycra and he does one off jobs like he did for me.and as he is btf director he knows all the stipulations on positioning and size of text.
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    Company we use are a small company but do a top job.Very good price as well.We have used them for 5 years with no problems.When we do events they supply are tops.All are tri-suits are done with them.

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    nameonkit.com Very good service, run by elite athletes and many elite athletes use them as they know they're getting it done properly, also fully ITU compliant.
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