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PC67PC67 Posts: 101
I bought that "Total Immersion" book a few months ago and got some useful tips.[/align] [/align]In general I really don't like the book. It takes about 200 pages to say what really could be said in about 10 as far as I could make out. Then again, I'm a weak swimmer so what do I know?[/align] [/align]One useful training guide however is "Swimming Golf". Has anyone else tried this?[/align] [/align]Concept is simple:[/align] [/align]Over 50 metres, count the number of strokes you take & add the number of seconds.[/align] [/align]So if it takes you 30 strokes and 50 seconds your score is 80, similar to the number of shots a half decent golfer would take in 18 holes.[/align] [/align]The aim, obviously, is to get your score down, but initially emphasising gains made through reducing your stroke count rather than going quicker. The idea is to improve the efficiency of each stroke.[/align] [/align]One criticism of the book is that it says 90 ought to be an achievable score for the swimming equivalent of a golf hacker. It says that most swimmers can do 25m in 20 seconds. I bloody wish!![/align] [/align]Over 25 metres I tend to do 29~30 seconds in the middle of my (very infrequent) sessions. I can go quicker but can't maintain it and towards the end I'm in the 33 second area. My effiort at Windsor backs this up: 33 mins in the water, but I reckon I probably swam closer to 1600m due to navigational problems.[/align] [/align]If I go "all out" I can do 25 metres in 25 seconds, taking 22 strokes. This is equivalent to a golf score of 94 over 50 metres (multiplying everything by 2).[/align] [/align]If I aim to reduce my stroke count I can do a length in 14 strokes, but it takes about 36 seconds. This equates to a golf score of 100.[/align] [/align]No more triathlons for me this season as my focus now is to compete (vs a 2:35 target) rather than merely finish. I'm going to use Swimming Golf as a key to my training & see if it gets me anywhere.[/align] [/align]Has anyone else tried "Golf" as a training target?[/align] [/align]PS: one poster a month or so back asked about a sinking left arm. I had the same problem but tried another thing from "Total Immersion". By pressing your chest (the most bouyant part of your body) down into the water it lifts your legs higher in the water and also, for some reason, makes it much easier to keep your left arm afloat while it's leading forwards. It worked for me.[/align] [/align]


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    My swim style is based on TI though I didn't have the patience to learn it all and yes you are right the waffle at the begining is more sales pitch than coaching...

    it was me who posted about the dropping arm ... i normally "push my bouy" when swimming but this hasn't seemed to help...I think it was/is mainly a fatigue thing..

    I will give the golf ago when I next swim...I assume we count a stoke as when one arm has done a complete rotation or is it both arms?

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Only just bought the book so I haven't got to the golf bit yet although I can see how it works.

    I'm currently reading the sales pitch section but I've a swim planned for later this week so I'll give it a go.
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Loonytoon, yes, I count a stroke as a full rotation of each arm, not both.

  • surfdragonsurfdragon Posts: 15
    I've seen this idea before and do use it myself sometimes.(I do about 16-18 second lengths with about 18 strokes),and do find it a valuable training aid. The problem I do have with the idea is getting people to try it who do not have good stroke technique, as to improve they will normally just flap their arms faster thinking this will help, rather than just relax and lengthen their stroke. I find this especially important for Triathletes who can waste a great deal of energy on the swim leg by trying this. Most would be better of getting their stroke analysed and perhaps having some lessons/coaching to improve it rather than trying this.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Okay PC - wednessday morning i'll give it a crack...
  • RewRew Posts: 62
    I recently bought this book as well. Found it good advice. Put it in to practice at Winsor and my swim was a couple of minutes slower than previous times but I did feel fresher for the bike leg.

    Reduced my stroke count from 26 to 18 on average so far over a shorter distance. (400m)
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    PC sorry about the delay

    my rather poor score was 115 - this was during the warm down at end of a 1200m effort

    I didn't count this morning but I estimate that it would be nearer 100

  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Not bad though Loon. See that's the thing: the TI book compares a score of 90 with a golf hacker. I can say as a swimmer and a golfer that I'm not particularly bad at either and a score of 90 would be great for my swim, about average for my golf. It'd be the equivalent of an 18 handicapper which is very respectable and, taking a wild guess, would be something like a 2:40 Olympic Distance Triathlon equivalent (which I can't do yet).

    The book is discouraging in this regard. As far as I'm concerned in or around 100 is more than respectable. It's where I think I am. Sure, it's a target for improvement, but I'd be utterly delighted with the 90 score the author dismisses as a "hack". I don't know any fun swimmers or fun triathletes who can do a 20 second 25m which TI says most can do.

    I suspect surfdragon above is actually a fish, not a person.

    PS: Damo Duff heading up Toon way. He'll be adored up there. I love the guy. He grew up a mile away from where I did.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I agree completely the about the golf score I am a complete duffer at golf and would love to crack 120 let alone 90

    as you say 90 is in the teens for a handicap where I suspect most are above 20...

    I will next swim on friday I think so will have a go then when I am fresh...

  • RewRew Posts: 62
    I'm off for a game of golf on friday afternoon.....anyone heard of golf swimming??? (hoping the thunder storms hold off)
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I dunno about golf swimming but if the these promised thunder storms hit tonite I'll be water biking
  • Thought about buying the book but not sure now. I have a good swim technique that I find comfortable and yup can do 25M in 21 sec (but only once!!! [:D][:D])

    just cancelled my bike ride tonight (motor not pedal!!) those storms are rolling in!
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    AB Storms held off here and therefore had a cracking 25km ride in the 30c heat

    though we did have lightning without any rain at about midnight really weird...

    what do you make of Duff? - we'll keep the no tri chat brief [;)]

  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    regarding the TI assertion that any old bog standard swimmer can do a 20 second 25 metres (& hence approx. 20 min 1500m):

    As if that wasn't discouraging enough the current edition of 220 magazine says, on p47:

    "Be honest, if your average 11 year old club swimmer can swim sub-20 without a tri-suit then any triathlete, male or female, should set themselves a minimum target of 25 mins".

    Yeah right, we'd all love to be able to. Many of you on this forum probably can but not not if recent posts on this forum are anything to go by.

    It might be intended as a motivator, but it did't have that effect on me.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Blimey 25mins - I was hoping for 40 and maybe if I train hard next year 30ish
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    That's how I felt.

    Anyway, gave the old golf another go on Friday to startlingly erratic effect! My scores ranged between 94 and 104, with most scores clustered around 100.

    Was very pleased with the 94. It consisted of 21 strokes in 73 seconds. That time, assuming I can swim the whole distance at that speed and in a straight line, would be 36.5 minutes for 1500m (over 3 mins slower than my Windsor time) but was very pleased by the 21 strokes.

    Anyway, something to work on...
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Very interesting... I reckon I must be about the 100 mark but I'll check next time at the pool...

    The timing things a nightmare as well... I read somewhere else that if you can do 1500m in 26 minutes then there's no point doing drills etc but should instead concentrate on lots of swimming to improve your fitness. I've not tried a straight oly swim yet but reckon with a 750pb of 13:50 (which I jumped for joy at) I'd be seriously hard pushed to get down below 26mins...

    These people live in a different world.. in the same way that pro golfers live in a different world from us 18 handicappers!

    P.S Been on hols hence no posts over last few weeks (how' ya'll doin'?)
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I keep doing these as cool downs :(

    115 again 65s and 50 strokes

  • tried this today

    43 secs for 50m and 45 strokes = 88 - in the zone.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    DoTri - you fill my heart with joy(in a purely swim golf context[;)].)..I thought my 50 strokes was poors as well as the time...

    it seems that maybe it aint so bad ... So I will try and get my time down abit first ....was panicing that I had two mountains to climb

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