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Running with a CamelBak

PC67PC67 Posts: 101
I'm thinking of getting one of the smaller ones. If last weekend was anything to go by we're in for a hot summer. My run took a nosedive in Windsor in June '06 when, following a cold May, temperatures soared. I honestly believe the heat slowed me by about 5-6 mins.

I hate running with a bottle in hand.

Anyone here ever used a CamelBak?


  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    I have got one that goes round your waist and sits on your hips. It holds about a litre and a half if I can remember rightly. It was fine to run in. I ran a marathon with it last year.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Ive just bought one as I too hate carrying anything when running. I havent actually used it but anyone Ive spoken to say they are comfortable and hardly notice them. A worthwhile investment I think. Thats my tuppence worth.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    PC67 I just did an 11mile run with 2ltrs of water on my back. Make sure the filler is tightened properly!!! [&o] Apart from that it was no problem and was good to have something to drink before the end of run. You can hear the water sloshing about a bit but doesnt affect your running.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    I've just run the Paris Marathon and used a camelbak on all of my training runs over 10km. Longest distance covered was 20 miles which took nearly 3 hours so I needed 2 litres sat on my back.

    As a couple of the others have said you don't really notice it once you get your stride going although I did notice that running without it on shorter runs was much easier and perhaps faster as I just felt lighter. I was probably running around 7-10lbs lighet than with it on.

    Mine was a bargain at £12.50 from a camping shop so look around before buying.

    For the record I didn't use it for Paris but I'll keep using it for mid to long runs in future.
  • maddogmaddog Posts: 4
    had one for a few years now, 2.1 litre. Used it succesfully for cycling , running (marathon training during the summer) and West Highland Way. Much better than a bottle. A good tip I found, to save finding stuff growing in it when you dig it out of the cupboard in May, is to store it in the freezer as it is too cold for bacteria to grow.[:'(] I also tend to 3/4 fill mine the night before, then freeze it. A quick top up the next day gives you ice cold water for most of the day. You can also keep topping up the bladder as a lump of ice will remain for several hours. I am doing IMUK in August and will probably use this for the bike. Have fun[:)]

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Great tip about storing bladder to stop bacteria mad dog. I have a cheaper version ie not actually a camelbak brand, doesnt the plastic crack when frozen?
  • AndyAAndyA Posts: 14
    Love the freezer tip; i'm definitely going to try that (the tube on mine has already gone black inside!)

    I use a basic camelback for the bike leg (also to store tube and tools in) and it's much easier to drink from than a bottle BUT...

    If you're going to run with one, make sure it's got a waist strap and preferably a chest strap too. I know from adventure racing that the pack must be cmpletely stable or it will drive you mad!!
  • AndyAAndyA Posts: 14
    Just thought of something else.....

    The water wont slosh about if you get rid of the air first; after filling the bladder, invert it so that the air travels up the tube, open the valve and gently squeeze the bladder until all the air is expelled, then close the valve (and dont open it again until the bladder is the right way up again)
  • Though only use mine for mountain biking I find Milton (generally used for sterilising babies feeding utensils etc) ideal for clearing the scum out the bladder/tube. Just mix with water in the bladder, shake and leave overnight.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Thats just what I have bought too. Local bike shop seemed to agree Miltons tablets were a good option.
  • ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    I used mine prolifically when I was training for Cardiff Marathon a couple of years back, and it was a great help.

    Only problem I've got now is that after two years of, franky abusive, use it's got a very small hole in it. I'm pretty sure this was a climbing related injury involving taking the bladder up to the bottom of a climb, drinking whilst belaying, then chucking it down to land on my bag when I started climbing (was a chimney type climb, so wanted nothing on my back). Sadly I missed my bag and it landed on the rocks... impressive that it's only a small hole really.

    Any thoughts on using a puncture repair kit to fix it?
  • maddogmaddog Posts: 4
    Re the bladder cracking- used a couple of much cheaper versions on the West Highland Way which also got a night in the freezer a few times, and they worked fine. Dont know how well this would last over a long period, but my camelbak is about 4 years old now and spends the winter in the freezer ( the memory of the black sludge oozing out on the first use in Spring was too much). The Milton tip is ok, but it is a bit more to remember than just stuffing in the freezer. If I use the Milton, I usually do all my bottles as well. Its looking good for a bit of camelbak use this year with the good sunny weather. Enjoy[8D]
  • From my adventure racing days , I ended up buying a camelbak un bottle as the quality of their bladders are great.


    Then I could switch it between different backpacks depending on what kit I needed depending on the race.

    My favorite pack being a North Face Sliquid , which I have had 6 years and is a comfortable as an old pair of slippers.

    As AndyA mentioned stability is key so a waist and chest strap are a must for running.

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