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The Longest Day, no more?

From Martin Dodd, race Director, TLD

"There is no point beating around the bush

As we stand today Longest Day Triathlon is dead in the water.

We have less that 100 entries so far and realisticially require over 200 on the start list come race day.

I know from past experience that people do enter the race late, but its hard to imagine that we are going to get significant numbers entering from now on.

It is personally, pretty depressing to see that race decline in this way.

If we proceed with the race now, BCT will most certaibnly incur a substantial loss which as chair and RD for TLD I cannot justify to the members. It is also unreasonably for me ask people to give up in some cases 4 days of their time to run the race for so few people.

Black Country Triathletes will make a decision in the next 10 days, but it is more than likely that we will be refunding those who have entered already.

Martin Dodd

BCT Chair

RD Longest Day Triathlon"

Plkease enter if you want to save this race.


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I'm actually saddend by this. I was hoping to do a long distance tri and was looking at the longest day as being my first experience. Sadly I am nowhere near in shape enough to be attempting this yet (looking at half distance next year then the full year after that if I'm upto it).
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