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Softride Rocket TT7

Offering for sale one of the fastest tri-bikes available in the UK.

[[color=#330099]Pic below now[/color] [8D]]

Sadly my legs don't provide quite the engine that this sleek aero-vehicle needs to dominate triathlons, but it also delivers one of the most comfortable road rides imaginable.

The bike is a veteran of Ironman UK last year and made the bike-course a pleasure to ride.

It's a year-old and absolutely flies (independent tests measure it as the most-aero frame on the market).

Technical Spec's:

Softride Rocket TT7 (Large size - fits about 5'9-6'1 i believe)

[read all about softride spec's here (the FAST is 2006 Rocket TT]

Durace Groupset with bar end shifters -

(gearing: 12-25, though think I still have 11-21 too)

Easton Attack Handlebars (soooo cool!)

Zip 404 Front Wheel (soooo fast!)

Koobi Tri Enduro saddle

More reviews here:

TriFuel customer review

Slow Twitch review

PRICE: £2,000 min (but will got to highest offer)

Rear Wheel priced separately

Rear Wheel is a semi-aero WheelBuilders.com hand-built PowerTap Pro wheel. It is available to buy with the bike, but is priced separately. The Powertap Pro is an awesome bit of kit that I transfer between Road bike and Tri bike. It is absolutely the best training system (unless you can afford SRM!!) and also I find an invaluable race-pacing tool. If you want it, you'll have to add the cost to the purchase price.

PRICE: £550 ono

Picture coming tomorrow

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