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Softride Rocket TT7 frame & forks!!


This Softride Rocket TT-7 is an awesome machine. I'm selling it as just the frame and forks, so you can customise the rest to your personal choice. However the frame is phenomenal. It is the most aero frame on the market (beats the Cervelo P3), but the beam technology also means it is the most comfortable.

I have ridden it in two Ironmen races (UK & Austria) as well as a 200 mile day ride & other triathlons over the last 3 years. I can vouch for its supreme comfort, its frame stiffness & responsiveness & its aero-efficiency - once you get it up to speed it simply doesn't want to stop. I reckon it is still the ultimate Triathlon or Time-trial bike.

The reason the bike frame and forks are for sale is because i have moved to the Alps and, given the constant uphill, have switched to a super lightweight climbing set-up. That is the only reason - i was riding this bike in May and loving it around the Tour of Wessex. It truly is a great machine.

This really is a fantastic chance to get your hands on one of the best-performing Tri bike frames bars on the market at a very reasonable price. I've thrown in a the Softride beam bag, that hangs underneath the beam and provides perfect storage for your tools, inner tubes & snacks.

So get bidding on a bike that is hard to part with, but should be in the hands of someone determined to knock chunks off their Triathlon or Time Trial times !!!

RRP from £1400

(If you are professional level, then NB: Elite's can't use it for Olympic distance ITU races as it it doesn't meet UCI bike specifics. However, it is legal in all Ironmen races and in all triathlons below Elite level)

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Technical Specifics

Softride Rocket TT7 (Large size - fits about 5'9-6'1 i believe)

[read all about [color=#810081]softride spec's here[/color] (the FAST is 2006 Rocket TT]

Professional description

"The Rocket TT7 offers exceptional stiffness, comfort, aerodynamics, handling and low rolling resistance. The TT7 is designed to accommodate a variety of aero positions, from the steep angled aero position to the new more relaxed slam aero position. Versatility was in mind when the TT7 was designed. The TT7 is a very fast and potent frameset destined to become a legend in its own right."

REMEMBER - i'm offering the frame & forks only!! The rest of the (amazing) gear is already on my new bike frame, struggling up mountains in France

You can bid on the bike here on eBay:


Contact me directly for a buy-it-now price of around £550

***NB Special Additional Offer***

I also have some Durace cranks to go with it and also have Look Ironman CX6 or CX7 titanium pedals that i can include. Cranks i'd want £75 on top o fprice & £50 for a set of the pedals.

You can contact me on [email=philmartin@skijournalism.com]philmartin@skijournalism.com[/email] directly or call on +442078707443 or +33631401053

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