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Another noob question - hydration

Sorry if this is blindingly obvious - I recognise that it's important to maintain hydration throughout a tri, but what do people use?

I'm not from any particular sporting background and have always made do with a drinks bottle full of plain old H20, but in another post others refer to replacing minerals/salts etc... what should I be looking for? (and from where should I get them? - Boots?) Are they all the same? How much fluids are people taking to a sprint event? (I guess this varies from person to person and the conditions in which the event takes place, but 3litres? a small lake?...




  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    hi rob,

    it's a difficult question to answer as we all have different strategies, personally i tend to need to drink quite a lot as i "perspire" a fair bit, ( the girls must be dying to meet me!!) but for a sprint race i take about half a bottle full on the bike and have a few sips about half way round then a few more towards the end of the bike, the 5k run i feel you don't really need to drink much, it's only 20 minutes ish, i usually use rego electrolyte drink, from most bike shops, but there is loads of different brands, and it's worth trying a few before settling on whats right for you. the weather also plays a big part and obviously the warmer it is the more you need, for longer races i try to get through between 500ml-750ml per hour, also taken in regular small sips, as well as the odd gel and energy bar for the longer races and training sessions, on that point whatever you decide is best for you then it should be what you have found during training sessions, don't try new things on race day.

    sorry if this is disjointed and not particularly scientific but it's just what i find works for me ( i'm sure the mad nurse will give a more scientific answer for you)

    good luck,


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