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Planning a season

I completed my first novice tri this year and loved it.

I'd like to do a few more events in 2007, but don't feel I can commit to the time required to train to /go long/ just yet. Next year I thought of perhaps doing 3 or 4 sprints and finish off with a standard/oly distance? Should I spread these out for a long season or try to keep them as close together as possible so that I can train to be at a peak for a shorter period... My real buzz is the OW swim, so these events are preferrable to those events in pools.

So far I quite like the look of the Bala Standard (mid September) and the Ironbridge sprint (mid July - based on 2006 dates) Are these too far spread out? Which other sprint events do people like?




  • RockyRocky Posts: 6
    Hi Rob,

    I suggest the Harlech Sprint Triathlon http://harlechtriathlon.users.btopenworld.com/

    This is a very friendly well organised event. The swim is 400m, the bike is about 22 miles, and the run finishes on a 1:4 ascent to the castle...brutal. The event is late April, with a great atmosphere.

    Early September is the Llanrwst Sprint Triathlon, which is another very friendly event, with a great run leg into the forest, and also a very picturesque bike leg


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    rob for me they would be 2 far apart but really the racing and training load comes down to how much time you have...

    I would try and get a couple more sprints in before bala as rocky suggests just to practice and give your training intermediate goals.

    My plan for next year is to do UK IM 70.3 in June then the iron bridge oly 3 weeks later and finally helvellyn in sept these leaves most of august free from racing but means that I won't be preventing a summer holiday like this year.

    I will probably do a sprint at the begining of sept and something before UKIM70.3 to re practice skills but I figure the fitness i gain from this "early" race will set me up well for reduced volume(inconsistant) summer before I build for Helvellyn..

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    I've already registered for the 70.3 again (this time I WILL RUN the run!), and I'm going to try a couple of local duathlons, maybe a local pool-based sprint (husband permitting), and the Grendon Lakes open water sprint tri in May before the beast of Exmoor in June. I've done Grendon 3 times now, and find the 750m swim useful preparation for later and longer open water events. The timing is good for me too. It's near Northampton so it might be close enough to be useful for you, pre-70.3, loonytoon? (could bring some snails along too if you want!!)
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    nice one pat..was wondering where I was gonna get pre wimbleball open water in...

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    My first two tri's this year were only a week apart and then I couldn't do anymore due to holidays and work.

    However for next year i've got the following in the diary.

    Bleinham Sprint 3rd June

    Windsor Olympic 17th June

    St. Albans Sprint - 2nd July'ish

    London Olympic - 6th August

    I think this will work quite well as it gives me a steady flow of races to get me through the summer. After that...

    2008 - 1/2 Ironman

    2009 - Full Ironman

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    I've got about 10 tri's a few run races and some cycle races planned for next year.

    A mixture of sprint and standard tris and aiming for middle distance race (1/2 IM distance) in Aug/Sept - still to decide if Aberfeldy or Orkney. Can't afford to do Wimbleball by the time I cough up the £150 fee and then travelling down from Inverness and paying for camping/accomodation etc all too much!

    Looking forward to next year ...much training to be done
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