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Which size wetsuit?

[color=#0000ff]I am going to hire my wetsuit today through wetsuithire.co.uk[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Orca S1 (any good?)[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Anyway, with your experience, what size should I get. My height is 5' 7 and I am 76 kilos.[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]The chart has:[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Size 6.5 for 5' 7 - 6' 1 and 65 -76 kilos[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Size 7 for 5' 9 - 6' 3 and 72 -84 kilos.[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Size 6.5 is a bit snug and I hear they are really tight anyway, do you think I should go for the Size 7 which is bigger but longer?[/color][/align][color=#0000ff][/color] [/align][color=#0000ff]Cheers,[/color][/align][color=#0000ff]Craig[/color][/align]


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Craig - Hi MAte

    wetsuits need to be a good fit - as you say snug. for what its worth I went to a local tri / bike shop and spent an hour or so trying on differents makes and sizes of wetsuit until i knew for sure which was right. I then went on ebay and found that suit for less than half price in australia. More imortant tho is you get the right size & if possible get help from experinced staff whislt you try on a few as they can advise you. generally though you would look to get the size 7 from your size and weight but I wouldnt take my word for it. The shop wil only be too glad to help as they will hope you will bu from them . They may also offer a hire service. If not then you will know what size to order from your wetsuithire.co.uk

    Madnurse (phil) [:D]
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Couldn't agree more I have bought many wetsuits over the years for skiing and jetskiing and if you don't try it on you cannot guarentee the fit, different model makes etc all have different fits. Morale - Try the suit on before you buy.
  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    apart from re-iterating what's already been said - there are a few places around that have the facility for you test it in an endless pool, before buying, which would be even better than trying it on. But putting it on has to be absolute minimum - you can of course then go elsewhere & get it for less if you want.

  • macjermmacjerm Posts: 1
    hey i am somewhat new at surfing and i dont know my size i should get for a full body wetsuit (including booties and hood) i am 5 foot 2 and i way 110 lbs. can anyone help me?
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