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sore calf muscles

when i go running as late, after about 3 miles i start to get pains in my inside calfs left and right legs.The pain is quite sore and takes a while to go .I ve tried to stretch it out but to no avail.Is there any one who has had this or know how to combat this




  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    It could be a support issue, I know there are some items of clothing you can buy that help with this or alternatively you could try tubee grips. Though to be honest I have no idea whats causing the pain. It may be worth while playing with your running style (i.e. look at moving from a forward foot plant to a heel foot plant instead to change the loading on you muscles).
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91

    This might be of help. I used to suffer with sore calf muscles after every run. My problem was overstriding, if you're quite tall (like me) then it's easy to fall into the perception that the longest possible strides are the most effeicient.

    Next time you run at a steady pace, check to see where your foot strikes the floor, if it's in front of your centre of gravity then you're overstriding. Make sure your footstrike is directly beneath you, if this is the case you'll also speed up!!

    By the way 220 ran some features on running technique last year & also featured some good strengthening excercises.
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I think I read once that trainers that don't fit correctly at the heel can cause calf pain don't know where I read it but it sounds feasable.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi GAry ... I would interested to see how you run ... as it sounds as if your calves are tightening even over shorter distances. perhaps your actually muscles are tending to towards ramping due to your running position which could casue a sympathetic or reative injury in say the tendons or ligaments. I would suggest the first port of call would be a gait analysis session. Most decent running shops will facilitate this for you. This will highlight as to wether you dance like a pixie (ie run on the ball of your feet) or perhaps have a tendancy to pronate (lean out from the knee). Something as simple as this could give a pointer to how you run.

    Also worth considering is where you run. HAve you recently added hill training to your sessions which will place addititional stress through your lower leg. DO you experince the same sensation with activities other than running ? Once you have looked at your gait it might be worth going back to basics for a while easy paced runs on grass & focusing on your stance and stride aiming to find what really feels right for you. Without knowing more detail is difficult to be more prescriptive.

    However this clearly is an issue for you that isnt going to simply go away. It would I think be prudent after the gait analysis look at a chat with a physio or at least a runnning / tri coach who can assess the situation in realtime.

    once sorted also give consideration to making use of other non tri activities to promote strength support / balance and flexibilty through the leg. weights / pilates / spinning are just a few examples

    hope that some help

    madnurse (phil)
  • Thanks for all of the advice given.I have gone back to basics to look at my running style .I think the cause was me over stridding so i have gone back to taking baby steps this seems to have improved things thanks again


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