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cycle storage solutions...help

[color=#191970]Hi, im a very keen cyclist and triathlete. Im also a student in my 3rd year of a 3d design course, for my major project I am designing a new style of bicycle storage system. The current style of galvanised steel tubes and concrete blocks have damaged my bikes on the past and dont prevent wheels etc being taken. I was wondering if any other cycling enthusiasts have bad stories regarding current designs and any suggestions for improvements or additions. What do you need from somewhere to lock your bike?

Please help me out with advice/comments etc.




  • sisi Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    My tuppence worth pretty much reflects what you mentioned but in order of precedence:

    Secure back wheel without the need for more than one lock

    If securing to a bar maybe allow it to move as bike frames etc are not always the same size

    Maybe some rubber to avoid scratching


  • pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    I would agree with points raised. I have three bikes and all have different size tyres- I can usually guarantee that the bike stand provided by the council/store etc, won't fit the wheel of the bike I m parking. I do cycle touring and when loaded up (I don't have a stand) a stand that is too wide allows the bike to lean and can damage and buckle rims- due the weight of the bike(approx 35kg). I usually lean the bike against a wall.

    So a stand with a variable width could be a great invention.

    The other thing- pretty out there I know- but do fellow riders get fed up with dogs taking a pee against your pride and joy? Don't care too much about the MTB but panniers covered in dog p.ss not pleasant and I hate to know what urine would do to my lovely road bike. It's like they just see a bike and go "whee (scuse the pun) I can put my mark here!".

    Maybe your stand could come inbuilt with automatic water skirter or dog dazer!

    Happy inventing![:D]

  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    A Large garden shed is what I have
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,I would just want something that stops some tosser from walking off with my pride and joy,perhaps 2000 volts and a high ampage surging through the frame when it is locked,but those human rights people will claim oppression.But seriously you would need three points a locking (2 for the wheels and one for the frame) to make it secure or something similar to the trolley lockers in the supermarket, one key and it is wheeled in and out it doesn't have to be as big as a shed,and the bike is kept out of sight.Best of luck.
  • Hi again guys, thanks for your advice so far. Currently im looking at a bluetooth idea. You would need to buy a wristband similar to the livestrong ones and have access to a net connection. You would 'book' a place for you bike to be locked up (free) and it would only unlock/lock when you are near to it. The wristband would be silicon with a bluetooth transmitter and a usb connection. The wristband would have a unique code stored on it from the website (via usb) and this signal would be picked up by the bike lockup that you booked. It can only open when you are nearby. It would be made out of solid tempered steel to pretty much prevent cutting/burning open and would have a thin neoprene cover to protect the bike. The lock up arms would pretrude from a wall (meaning any 90degree angle could be used) but would pivot to allow lockup of rear wheel and frame on pretty much any bike. I know it sounds complicated...am trying to simplify it!

    Any further suggestions or new ideas, feedback etc would be great!

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,when it comes to technology I am still in the stone age,so regarding the locking system when you walk away-when it involves locks I have a small obsesive compulsive disorder about checking locks a number of times so each time I go to check the lock it will recognise the wristband and unlock so it will seem to me to be always unlocked or have I got the wrong end of a long stick and being totally stupid (IQ less than 10 .I may be thick but I am strong)
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    I agree with jon.E It sounds way too complicated. Also would it not be like a red rag to a bull to some hacker or electonic whizz kid? Theyd automatically know if somebody has gone to the trouble of getting all that gear for locking a bike it must be worth nicking.

    Would it only be a matter of time before coating is scratched off and start to damage frames?

    A new system for locking bikes is definetly needed, but one to serve all I.Qs Keep up the good work.[:)]
  • Cheers guys, taken on board. I know what you mean on all your points, I guess I was just looking for a totally new solution. Now im looking at a 4 way pivot bar, can move back and forth on the ground mounted on hubs (like on bike wheels) and the right angle joins would be hinged and coated in rubber to allow movement and fitting for all bikes. Thats the way im going. It would also include a service type aspect where you can use a personal wriststrap to get routes, directions, weather info from touch screens around city centres or other urban spaces.

  • Im looking at using recycled tyres to form the basis of the unit now, just to link in with cycling and reduce virgin materials consumption. It will have a 'rail and lock' system running along the top that can move to any space on any frame. The lock will still move once engaged but will only move to where the frame tubes are. The lock is coated in thick neoprene to protect the frame. Thoughts?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi sounds reasonable as it will cope with any size of bike.This would stop the frame from being taken,would it be feasable to incorporate small incuts in the ground for the wheels to sit in and the moving lock to be able to be clamped down so by putting pressure on the frame and wheels it would ensure the wheels are secure in the incuts,preventing them from being 'borrowed'.
  • Jon.E brilliant post thats brought up some good issues. I had already thought about incuts into the ground, much like the concrete slabs that used to be around in city centres but councils are very unenthusiastic about this as it requires digging up paved areas and costs too much, Im thinking of some aluminium guide rails that will again fit any tyre but will fit snuggly due to a certain degree of inward flexibility. The idea of putting pressure on the frame is intriguing and somthing that I wasnt thinking of but I guess it would work in a similar way to a high end bike rack for a car...especially if it pushes the bike into the wheel clamps. Cheers again, really appreciating the help. If there are any more thoughts just shout them up. Thanks, Jon
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Jon,I imagined the pressure bar to be similar to that of a crook lock for a cars steering wheel,it rachets out as it expands but can only be unlocked by key/code/electronic single,to release the bar and pressure,but I am not an engineer just a desk jockey.
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