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Training for Duathlon

OSR3OSR3 Posts: 17
Hi all i have enter to local duathlon

27th August Newmarket

24th September Ispwich

both 10K - 40K - 10K.

my first duathlon i completed in just under 3Hrs

10K run 55min 25 out of 25

40K Bike 1hr 16 6 out of 25

5K Run 27min 25 out of 25

as you can see i was let down on my runs Last in both.

have you any suggestion on how i can improve my times.

Any suggestion welcome.



  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303

    I too am in the Ipswich one as I live in Stowmarket. So am probably local to you.

    It depends on your background. Are you already a runner or just starting out.

    If you are just starting out I would suggest fartlekking. Which in the distances you run would mean 5 mins 80% run, then 5 mins walk, carrying this out for 5 reps. This will build lung capacity. For speed 3 mins 105% run, 3 mins walk, this will build lung, and muscle endurance.

    If you are already a runner, then do hill sprint. In out distance hill sprints would mean a hill that is about 200 metres long. I have one here in Stowmarket that is 3/4 mile long. You could also try fartlekking as above, and finally wieghts.

    There are so many websites out there that give good advice, but never actually tap in to duathlon / triathlon specific running. but they still offer decent advise.

    Hope this helps.


  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307

    Don't be too disheartened by a 55min 10k run it's not too slow unless you are up against 24 others who are all faster![:)]

    What run training do you do at present?

    It would appear that you probably need to:

    a do more running

    b do some speedwork ie intervals or fartlek.

    As you ask the question the problem of motivation is probably not a major one. Do you have running buddys or a local running club/Tri club you can run with - it makes it so much better.

    If you can find one person slightly faster than you who you can run with once a week it would help immensely.

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