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Getting back into triathlon training and have just recently been doing some open water swimming down at Heron Lake, Wraysbury. Really enjoying the swimming but need a wetsuit as I have been borrowing one. Is anyone out there selling one 2nd hand? Don't really want to but new as I doubt I will be race fit by the ebd of the season but would like to continue training at Heron lake.

Let me know.




  • WobblerWobbler Posts: 2
    Hi Happy. Did you have any luck with finding a wetsuit?

    I want to start going down to heron lake and found out from SBR that they rent suits for £15 a pop which sounds excessive if you want to 'test drive' them although they do say you can try suits for free when you get there. Do you know anyone who has tried the SBR suits at Heron Lake?

    Someone suggested that I look for 2nd hand ones after the tri this weekend but not sure which websites to cruise ;-)
  • Hi Wobbler,

    SBR in fact will charge you £30.00 to hire a suit at Heron Lake. They use to charge £15.00 but because people starting taking the piss Martin who owns SBR put the price up.

    I did try a suit down there a couple of weeks a go a QR which was suitable for someone who is 5 foot 4 inches and weighs aboit 12 stone, well I am 6 foot and weigh 14 stone at the current moment, not a pleasureable swim at all seriously constricted my diaphragm.

    They don't really want you to test drive suits and don't understand why.

    With regards to 2nd hand suits try e-bay as they sometimes have a few on there.

    I am taking my bike into SBR today for a service and I intend to find out if I can pick up a 2nd hand one following London this weekend, not everyone will be bitten by the tri bug.

    I will let you know if I have any luck


  • WobblerWobbler Posts: 2
    Thanks Happy. I understand, I guess SBR see a whole different side of things. I had a bad fall during a run last month so running is out so my intention to try a small tri is out the window. I still can't get on a bike yet so all that is left is the swim & although I am lucky enough to have access to a pool at work, it is in a basement under Waterloo and bloomin spooky. I reckon it doubles up as a set in all those horror movies where you say 'don't go down there'...'don't go in the water'...so I thought the open water would be great and although I don't mind blowing money on a suit, I didn't want to go for a rolls royce when a VW would do me for this season and then hopefully when I knew what I was doing next season I could look at upgrading.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled and if I spot anything your size, I'll let you know. I'm about 5' 9" (176cm?) and 82kg (when do stones become boulders?) so I guess I'll be looking for a large one as well and never mind the diaphragm - I've got boobs to worry about as well, so I might have to try new ones on in the shop anyway!

    Thanks again!

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