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Aero Wheels

This question must have been asked a hundred times but I'm about to purchase a new bike and need to choose some Aero wheels. I'm looking at about £1000 and my gut feel it to go for clichers for the convenience factor.

I've looked at:

Zipp 404s

Zipp 606s

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLs

Anyone got any strong views?


  • trichamptrichamp Posts: 22
    Are you sure about £1000? The Cosmic Carbone's are only £650 from probikekit which looks a fair deal to me. I don't know what the Zipps cost but they've got a good reputation i think. Would the shop let you try them to see which ones you prefer?
  • trisitrisi Posts: 13
    Nice budget!! Lucky if I can spend thaht on a new bike next year!!

    Back in my cycling hey day, tubs would have been the way to go due to their higher pressure rating (reducing their rolling resistance). Now that clinchers have come so far I agree that they are a great option for those on a budget.

    I can't help thinking, however, that with puncture resistance technology as advanced as it is these days, if you're spending that kind of money you may as well go for the weight saving and added rolling resistance and get open rims. I can't offer any product recommendation as I've never afforded tubs, but that's what I'd spend your budget on!
  • plingbootplingboot Posts: 19
    Zipp 606 carbon tubs - i love my pair, they're light and fast, though a sharp crosswind can grab the front wheel.
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