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Swim Coach N West wanted

rafraf Posts: 2
can anyone recommend a swim coach based in and or around Manchester, to help coach one on one for general technique and drills in a pool and also to help me work on my open water swimming?

Obviously willing to pay! :)



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Raf ....... dunno if you a member of a tri club in the NW. I know both Warrington & Chester have clubs that do open water training & have tri / swim coaches. I train with Warrington & have improved my swim massively. I tried using a total fitness gym for swim coaching but found tri specific much better & cheaper. I will get hold of a contact number for one the coaches at Warrington & send it to you. The other direction would be through the BTA regional development officer (NW) is Rob Bishop & he should have details of coaches across the area. (Rob Bishop 07739--526562).

    hope thatsome help

    madnurse (phil)

  • rafraf Posts: 2
    thanks! any info much appreciated!
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