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Lanzarote Ironman Gear Ratio Advice

Hi all, I'm about to embark on training for the Lanzarote Ironman in May next year. Does anyone have any advice on what gear ratios would best suit this brutal bike leg? I'd lke to spend my training months using the same ratio as I will during the race.

Should I be looking at 39/52, 36/53.....? I'm currently an average biker with a typical bike split of 1:10 to 1:15 for an Olympic race depending on the course.

Any tips/advice appreciated




  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    I too am going to the Event and ive gone for 39/52. Im sure i have seen this gearing advised on their website.

    First Tri for me so ive had to do alot of reaserch and ask alot of questions to build up a picture, so to speak.

    The Bike legs not easy! Ive spoke with a few lads who have done it and they say its hard, hot and windy. Alot of the roads are rough too. Ill just be happy to get round it and very please indeed if i crack 7 HRS![:D]

    Can i ask, Are you going from the UK?

    Regards, Rich

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