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Do i really need a wetsuit


if the organisers don't insist (depending on distance, temperature, etc.) then it's up to you. But I swam in a wetsuit for the first time last night & it makes an INCREDIBLE difference! Granted I swim like a brick and the better you are the less difference it makes, but it was a revelation for me! You could always hire one or buy second hand to lower costs.



  • Hi Matt! There have been a few posts on this subject and a good option (the one I took) is to hire one until you are sure you are going to keep up and want to invest a bit more.

    I used triuk.com and they were very fast and helpful.
  • Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    Firstly hi everyone, this is my first post on here.

    Im entering my first triathlon in september, it's the rough tracks one organised by mens health magazine being held at Eton.

    I have all the gear i need for the bike and run however, the only wetsuit i own is from 10 years ago and is very tight to the point it is difficult to breath.

    Trouble is i can't really afford a new one any time soon, so i was wondering would it be a bad idea to do the open water swim without one, perhaps in one of those lycra tri suits i have seen advertised?

    Cheers Guys
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