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What is this injury?

Sounds like it could be your hip flexor.


You could try stretching them before you go out. Stretch here


  • Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    Hi everyone,

    Im pretty new to triathlon, my training has only just started in earnest.

    I have a mountain bike background, and am reasonably fit but have never been much into running.

    However i have been running for a couple weeks now and the day after every run my hip hurts right on the outside just underneath where my pelvis bone sticks out.

    I leave off the running for a couple of days until it dosnt hurt and then i'll go out for a run again, but the same happens, the next day the pain is back again.

    This has been like this for about 2 weeks now, its dosnt feel like DOMS so im lost for the cause of the problem.

    Any ideas, as you guys seem pretty clued up ???

  • Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    I must admit i do strech well after my run, but i don't do any streches like that.

    I'll try that next time and see if it makes any difference.

    Cheers for the advice
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,try to find the cause rather than treat the symptoms for a better fix,I know it may sound silly but running the same route on a heavy cambered road could have some affect,a tight back can cause an irregular leg motion,old trainers.An old injury can have knock on effects.Hope his helps,but if it is regular see a sports therapist for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Hi

    I get a similar pain sometimes, particularly after running over an hour. Stretching helps (before, durning and after running). Last time it would not go away, I saw an osteopath and had my pelvis realigned (I didn't know it was wonly in the first place, but there you go).

    Also, this has been a pain I have had prior to getting a bout of ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) which results in pain on the outside of the knee, meaning 2 to 4 weeks of no running! All linked to tightness of the band of muscle that runs from the hip to the knee.

    Happy stretching!
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