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Garmin gps 405

I was considering getting a 405 to help with my run training,pace etc and haven't been able to find too much feedback from anyone who has one. I know the 305 is a good bit of kit but a little bulky, so any feedback from anyone who has one or has tried one would be appreciated


  • I have one and it is fantastic (when it works!!) - unontrusive, light and does not look too silly records everything (I would advise getting the cadence add on for bike too if you can afford it)

    Only issue I have had are around the software which is a bit flaky (it keeps rebooting) but Garmin ave asked me to send it back for a replacement as it is a known fault with some units.

    I have attached an output (from Sporttracks) of the data it provides which is just fab.

    Hope this helps

  • Cheers, have you tried using the virtual partner feature ? I know the 305 has one but have seen conflicting information about the 405 as to whether it has one or not ???
  • The 305 is a great bit of kit and fantastic for motivation both during and after your run. I haven't tried the 405, it looks nice, but I'm not sure the display will be as easy to read as the 305. Also it looks a bit fiddly. I'd go for the 305 - you won't be disappointed and it's cheaper for basically exactly the same functionality. Also very light despite the awkward looks and the shape means it moulds to your wrist really well and won't jiggle about when you run. Get it from amazon where it's cheapest. Don't regard it as anything more than a running watch though - it's a bit rubbish on the bike and it ain't waterproof enough for swimming! All the best.
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