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Total newbie - what do I need?

I have just signed up for my first sprint triathlon. I am a regular runner, cyclist and swimmer just never all in one go. What extra gear do people recommend?

I only have a mountain bike, should I get slicks put on?

The swim is in a pool. Is it worth getting a tri-suit?

Any other hepl appreciated. I obviously want to do the best I can without spending a fortune (and without looking OTT for someone who is probably going to be towards the back of the field).




  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi bob

    welcome to the funnyfarm ...

    in my limited experince things that will help would include

    slicks, clipless pedals for a start off... the trisuit will help certainly in tranistion (saves changing)

    practise a few bricks (back to back sessions of swim to bike or bike to run) easy pace and distance to start off with.

    join a local tri club - will help loads with your fitnes and motivation. you might be put off but they have so much that can help

    and invest in a little optimism .. you will do better than that you think most of us did in your first race.

    PLenty of good advice on the forum .. spend a bit of time pouring thru .. & if you have Q's ask em plenty of hairbrained tri trypes with a bit of experince you can pull on ...


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Rather than splshing out on a tri suit it may be worth looking for a simple pair of cycle shorts you can swim and bike in (i.e. ones that wont hold to much water after the swim) and simply have a top in transition. That should be a balance between cost and time.

    Clips are worth looking at but I'd play around before you get to race day, practice getting in and out of them which ever way your going to wear them (i.e. putting them on off the bike or having them clipped in and cycling off as you put them on; tricky).

    Possibly even go as far as trying to put a tri together on your own, there may be larger transition gaps, but it will give you some idea of what your body will feel like and need during (i.e. water, gels etc)

    All the best with it though! Beware of the addicition. It makes smoking look cheap [:D]
  • bobajobbobajob Posts: 9
    [left]I feel part of the clan already. Thanks for the help (and encouragement), I'm looking forward to it with trepidation![/left][left] [/left][left]Oh my god, I've just seen what you're going to be doing! I feel weak. Hopefully the sponsorship will help. Good luck![/left]
  • WellaWella Posts: 188

    Like you I've only just started. I signed up for my first tri back in Fenruary and I have one week to go until the race.

    What started out as a personal challenge has turned into a life habit and that's without racing.

    Just enjoying my training has resulted in me buying a new bike (not too expensive and my old bike was knackered), shoes and pedals, a tri-suit, running shoes, books etc.

    I'm not suggesting you do this but when the tri-bug gets you theres no defence. Look around as you can find great deals on the web etc. My tri-suit was only £25 in the sale and makes me feel the part rather than OTT. I was encouraged to buy it from a good message on another thread that said if you feel the part and feel confident you'll have a good race. Do feel a bit of a tit running down the highstreet in it though during brick sessions.

    Good luck.

    When's your first race?

  • Hi there and welcome! Doing my first tri tomorrow (OMG!) and have hired the wetsuit. Wearing lycra running shorts underneath so just have to put on the T-shirt and shoes on transition, wearing same for both bike and run, using my hybrid bike.

    So not massive output of the cash until I know I'm going to love it![:D][:D]
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91

    Say goodbye to your weekends my friend [:D]

    for your 1st tri get through it with spending as little as possible, I promise you that you'll soon be buying gear left right & centre & then wanting to udpate at every possible chance!

    If you do your 1st race & love it (which I hope you do) then it's time to hammer the credit card!

    Great advice btw about joining a local club, if you have a look on the BTA website, there's a list, there's nothing quite like training with like minded people.

    Good luck with it & let us know how you get on.

  • WellaWella Posts: 188

    Didn't want to give the impression that you need to buy everything under the sun before your first tri. But as Cenzo stated once the bug sets in you're in trouble.

    I've been training for nearly 5 months now and its made a massive difference to my health hence the reasons I can't leave it alone. I thought I was fit enough doing weights and playing rugby but just wait until you start stringing a few bricks together. At least I'll be one of fittest at pre-season rugby training!

    Can't wait to get racing.


  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91
    Good for you Wella, it's amazing the benefits you'll reap, now & later on in life!

    Just one thing, which works for me between Tri season & x-country season, so maybe will also work for your rugby training, give yourself a couple of weeks off to let the body recover. You'll be fresh & not burn out mid-season. Good luck with the races & training too
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Cheers Cenzo.

    I've got my first tri on the 2nd July and then my second tri on the 9th July, both sprints. Unfortunately, work and holiday committments means I'm unlikely to fit any more races in this year. Well local ones anyway. Gutted.

    I plan to spend the rest of July and August weight training for the rugby season but keeping the tri training going as well, all be it less intense than at present.

    I've then got 10 days holiday at the end of August before the season starts so perfect for recovery, as you've stated. My big plan is for a couple of Olympic distances next year so I'm going to keep the tri training going through the winter.

    Anyone else trying to mix football or rugby with triathlon?

    I found the early stages of my tri training overlapping with the rugby season was absolute agony. Should be easier next year though.


  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91
    I gave up team sport a few years ago, but always combined running with football & rugby, it sounds like you've got it very well planned & should be fine.

    If you're considering Olympics next year I reccomend Windsor, it really is a great race, normally 2nd week of June so plenty of time to get a cheeky spriny in first to sharpen up. Also, do you belong to a club? If not it's a pretty good idea as those spring bike & run sessions are much better training with a team of people and most clubs will also have open water swim sessions too. If not where are you based? If you put your location on here I'm sure a memebr of a local clun to you will help out
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I would buy a lock for your wallet/purse cause once that bug bites theres no stopping yourself!!
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Guv,, thats the best bit of advice I've seen anywhere on this forum![:D][:D][:D]

    All good advice for you Bob (and other newbies) - if you've done all three disciplines individually you'll probably be further ahead than most of us when we started. I think all of us have had to work very hard on something (in my case 2 things) usually the swim. For me it was swim and bike!

    Main thing is to pick a novice tri and see how you get on.. You can do this with minimum expense.. if you catch the bug then you can splash the cash!

    Enjoy the experience! It'll change your life!

  • bobajobbobajob Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the advice guys. I think a lock on wallet is an excellent idea, though my daughter seems to clear it out for me anyway!

    I've got a few nmonths to go but I'll let you know how I get on and keep an eye on the forum for other advice.


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