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Lights for bike

New to the site (so sorry if i've missed an answer already there somewhere - did try a search).

I'm just wondering if anyone can advise on best lights to get for my bike. I'm after something that will be good enough for cycling in no light, although mostly I'll be out where there's street lighting. Trying to keep costs down as I'm starting out.

Thanks in advance,


edit - bit more detail: I'm after a light that will successfully light the road up for me without having to fork out silly money or have battery packs in the bottle cage. If this can be achieved with something quite cheap and not too bulky then even better.


  • Just bought a Cateye EL530 Front Light about £40 from wiggle what an excellent light with 1500 candlepower.

    Used it all this week in pitch black country lanes well worth the little extra, am now going to get rid of all my other cheaper lights as they are useless.
  • give these a go, http://www.evanscycles.com/product.jsp?style=13899 should do the job, bit expensive i know but believe me, you dont want to hit pot holes at night.... learnt that one from experience!!
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