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GPS / Nike + Ipod

I'm just wondering if anyone uses a gps system (particularly Garmin forerunner 305, timex bodylink, or similar setup)? or the nike+ipod sportlink distance monitor (or similar) and what their thoughts were?

I'm hoping for something to add to/replace my hrm to provide me with active pace and distance info on my runs (and cycling if gps although i'll be getting a cheap bike compute otherwise - pretty new to the sport). GPS looked great but it's very expensive and the nike system seems to be rated highly elsewhere....

any advice?


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    Hi Cen,

    I've had the Forerunner 305 for about six months and it has proved to be very good. The new satellite reception system gives excellent coverage even from inside my house sometimes. The only slightly annoying thing is the software that comes with the unit is a bit rubbish, but thats on purpose, so that you upload your data to the MotionBased web site, which is free for the 10 last uploads, but you have to pay a subscription to access the previous ones.

    I've used if for both running and cycling and it is very good on accuracy. One thing we found was that it only gives a Long/Lat position and not an OS co-ordinate, which means that you can't easily find where you are on a map.

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    CenCen Posts: 10
    Cheers Nick, my digging around on the web seemed to be pushing the 305/205 as the way to go if you go with the gps. still pricy though (seems a min of £160 or so, and that's if ur lucky on ebay).

    how accurate do you find it?

    I'm in Romford (Essex/London) which is built up to a typical town type level (ie few towering buildings but plenty of mid-storey). Do you think it'd come in accurate in these surroundings or does it still have some of the problems typically affecting gps anywhere but in the middle of the countryside?
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    GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    I've had a my 305 for only a short time, but the distance and data seems to be pretty accurate.

    My normal run route goes through some built up areas and it seems to keep the signal ok, but these arnt tall high rise buildings (you can check satelite strength on the unit at any time, ). It even works in my house sometimes which is good as it'll find the signal indoors whilst I'm doing my stretching and warm up.

    I got mine from www.royaldeals.co.uk and it was about Gbp175 - They dispatched is pretty quickly, so I couldnt complain about their service

    I think it's helping my training and the virtual partner function is pretty cool as you can see how you are progressing against yourself

    Happy shopping

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    Being a bit of a gadget junkie over the past 6 years I have tried the old nike system(same concept of having a gadget on your shoe) , the timex body link , the Garmin 201 and now finally the the 305.

    I have to say when I got the Garmin 201 I thought I would never change it , It was easy to use and very accurate , apart from when I went into any tree cover or came across a lot of tall buildings . For a while a lived in Chicago and the skyscrappers were a nightmare for blocking GPS signals.

    I now live in sunny Brentwood just up the road from you. I run over South weald and through densely tree covered bridelways. I started to get frustrated with the signal quality on the 201. Fortunately about 6 months ago I was talking to one of my old race buddies who lives in Chicago and he mentioned that he had just bought the 305 and has no problems with it in town. I upgraded the next weekend and have not looked back . The reception has been flawless for me , even under dense tree canopy. and i find it very accurate , it has a few extra bells and whistles over the 201 , my favourite being you can race a virtual self over a previous course you have run.

    I can not speak highly enough of it.

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    mh130mh130 Posts: 6
    I recently got hold of a Garmin 201. AS Jameshillery said it is pretty good without being the best on the market. I looked at the 205 and 305 models and these definitely had more bells and whistles as well as better signal reception.

    However, budget constraints pushed me towards the 201, which occasionally pops up on websites for £75 or so. As I am still pretty new to running and cycling, this seemed a good compromise. Have had no problems with signal thus far (I live in Hertfordshire) - I did around 70km on the bike on Sunday and there were plenty of sections that were under tree canopies, but no problems with signal.

    I guess it boils down to budget and training needs: the 201 gives you some good basic info and as the 'old' model, cna be found cheaply from time to time; if cost is not a big issue and you want the improved functionality (inc HRM), then the 305 is going to be better.

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