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DVT and triathlon

Last week I was very unlucky and had to go to hospital with a suspected DVT. After having my bloods taken for a test called a di-dimer (think that how its spelt!) which showed my levels were up, this is a possible sign of DVT but can also be caused by other factors. I was told to go home until after the bank holiday as I was young, 27, fit and not overweight. So an appointment was made for a scan on the Tuesday.

To cut a long story short I ended up going to A&E early Monday morning having woken with a very swollen leg, groin to foot.

I was taken into hospital on Monday where I was kept in and given painkillers and heparin, a blood thinning drug. It was confirmed to be a DVT on the Tuesday when I was given a scan and I was kept in for the week. Finally being sent home on Friday when my blood was thin enough and I will continue to have blood tests and take blood thinning drugs - warfrin, for the next 6 months.

Whilst it will take me a good few weeks to start to feel human again I am looking towards the future and being able to train again. My concerns are how my vascular system has been effected by the clot, how hard I will be able to push myself without putting myself at risk, how long I should wait before I can begin very light training and how I can build it up.

Have any of you ever been unlucky enough to suffer from a DVT? know of any possible links between DVT and exercise, I have read articles on the likes of Mark Jenkins. Or have any experience of training programmes post DVT?

Any advice or words from anyone who has been in the same shoes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x


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