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Review of Btwin (formerly Decathlon) FC700 Bike

Hi All, I am new to this forum so apologies if I am posting in the wrong place. I am after some advice regarding the purchase of a new bike. I currently have a rather old Trek 1200 and am looking to upgrade to a carbon frame bike to use for longer distance triathlons. I have been looking at the new Btwin (formerly Decathlon) FC700 bike but I cannot find a review of it anywhere. There is a 'specced up' version that the Ag2r Tour de France team use but I am looking at the box standard one which uses the same frame and wheels but cheaper components. The cost is 2400 euro's which i guess is roughly £1700 which is my price range. Does anyone know anything about this bike or can recomemnd alternatives with simialr spec? Apologies for the long winded post!! Link to the bike is: http://www.btwincycle.com/pages/produit_route_competition.asp?rayon=route&famille=competition&lang=gb&prod_num=5
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