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South coast classic

evening all,

i'm a 25 year old male, who is a bit heavy (see over a stone) and sort of fit, but fancys trying my luck at the south coast classic. I have done a couple of sprints before, so i am familiar with the basics of doing a tri but i have never been in the open water before. What i want to know is this acheivable in eight weeks? i can devote pretty much all my time to training, but i would just like some honest advice and some tips however brutal, just to quell the nerves. Anything would be appareciated. Cheers


  • If you can already swim the distance then 8 weeks is plenty of time. The only advice I'd give is to practice in open water at least 3 times before the race - and use a wetsuit if you need one for the race (a wetsuit also makes you completely unsinkable in the sea, so you can pause for a breather if the distance gets the better of you). The first time I swam in a wetsuit I found it really hard to breathe (I hadn't pulled the crotch up enough, so it started throttling me! - doh). The first time I swam in open water I hyper-ventilated because of the cold, then my goggles steamed up so I couldn't see where I was going, then I swam in a zig zag and started breathing sea water when I panicked. However.....by the 3rd time, I hardly noticed my wetsuit, coped with the cold, had anti-fog spray on the goggles and, finally, worked out how to sight in open water and so swam straight. 8 weeks is plenty of time to acclimatise - just get in as much sea practice as you can. And Good Luck!

  • peterparkypeterparky Posts: 59
    Hi Troopertommo

    What distance you thinking of doing - sprint i think is 750 no wetsuit needed. However i am doing the novice and it's 200m! Even my misssus could manage that(i might regret i said that), as i have little experience of swimming let alone open water.

    Have a look on another thread we are having a meet up in Aug 19th i think Brighton for a bit of a splash around if you fancy it. Check it out bit of moral support and all that.


  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    I thought the open water session on the 19th is due to be in Seaford - as practise for the South Coast Classic?

  • peterparkypeterparky Posts: 59
    Hi Rebbo

    Cool if it's Seaford as that's closer to me i can cycle down.

    See you there. I will check back for times etc.


  • plingbootplingboot Posts: 19
    Southcoast is a great race - the last couple of years it's been a scorcher of a day and the sea has been very calm - hopefully it'll be the same this year.

    If the sea is choppy, just remember it's choppy for all of us - we're all getting singled out for a hard swim - not just you. [;)]

    Make sure you're happy/able to breath to either side - the swell and/or reflection of the sun can be a pain if you're not - staring into the sun while getting a face full of sea, everytime to breath gets slightly tedious.

    The other comments about trying your wetsuit are good - you need to get used to the suit and the restricted feeling.

    My only moan about the event is the timing system - they don't use chips. I wasn't listed in the results and had to faff around chasing them up with my own HRM readings - with big event entry fees i'd expect big event tech.

    oh, and t-shirts are a bit naff. [:'(]
  • thanks for your advice guys, just got my lovley orca spandex through the post, and loving the prep. cheers

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